8 Feelings Every Senior In College Has
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8 Feelings Every Senior In College Has

This is some weird kind of time-warp.

8 Feelings Every Senior In College Has
Western Washington University

Senior year is by far the weirdest year in college. You are so much more grown up, and so close to the real world, yet you are still preparing to go there. I thought that senior year would be basically the same as every other year, but I was wrong. If you are a senior, you can relate to these. If you are not a senior, prepare to have these feelings.

1. Job applications prove your resume otherwise

You think that you are going to a half-decent job out of college because you have done several internships, have a GPA high as the sky, and are a well-rounded individual. You will soon realize that in order to get a good job nowadays, you also need to find a cure for cancer, donate your kidney, and discover a new animal species. Not only are you stressed about finding a job, but you are spending your last year desperately cramming in activities that will make you stand out even more.

2. If you thought you were poor before, guess again

If you are planning on moving after you graduate, you will spend your senior year working and saving, because you will realize there are so many expenses involved.

3. You're too old for frat parties

You never thought this day would come so early, but you no longer find enjoyment of dancing with your friends to blaring rap music. Most of the parties do not start until late, and your bed time is no longer two in the morning. You would much rather go to a local bar with some friends, and be back in bed by eleven o'clock.

4. Fast food doesn't taste the same

If you cry tears of joy when you hear the Domino's delivery guy knock on your door, enjoy that feeling, because it will go away eventually. Fast food magically does not taste the same, and you would much rather go to a "fancy" pizza joint, or simply make your own at home.

5. You thought you were busy before? That's cute

I remember crying because I would get home at five o'clock a few days a week. I now consider it an "early day" if I'm done by five.

6. Your life is not together...at all

Your friends will congratulate you for knowing exactly what you want to do, where you want to work, etc. You will have learned by now that just because you have a plan, does not mean that everything will work out. Sometimes you need more than a plan "B" or "C." Even having a plan "Q" or "Z" isn't enough.

7. You get excited over the smallest things

Rather than asking for the latest "iPhone" for Christmas, you will now be asking for a set of pots and pans, a new knife set, or business clothes. You will scream when you open your fancy nonstick pans just as much as you used to over an iPhone.

8. You are somewhere between wanting to repeat college all over again, and wanting to finally move on to the real world

Growing up is horrifying and exciting at the same time. No matter what happens, though, take one day at a time, and do your best at this whole "adulting" thing.

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