As someone who grew up in a house with four other siblings, the concept of alone time is very new to me. For the first time in my life, I don't have people around me 24/7. As much as I love my alone time, I sometimes miss the small arguments with my brothers to turn their video games down and the groans from my sister when I wake her up too early with my noise. There are so many feeling I miss getting from being around my siblings. Here are just a few of the feelings.

1. The anger you experience when your sibling beats you in the race to the shower.

Showering is my form of therapy. Whether I'm stressed out, sick, tired, or just bored a hot shower always helps to solve my issues. There is absolutely nothing that angers me more than coming home to find that one of my siblings already beat me to the shower. There's only so much hot water to go around!

2. The comfort you receive when you are upset.

Whenever I'm upset the first ones to notice the change in my mood is always my siblings. There is nothing more comforting than knowing you can just walk in the room next door when you're feeling down to cheer up. Whether it's a simple hug or an exchange of jokes, my siblings always know how to make me feel better and smile.

3. The pit in your stomach that forms when you watch them go through something tough.

The only thing tougher than going through something yourself is watching your sibling go through something. My siblings bring joy and happiness into my life and deserve all the world has to offer. Whenever I see that my brother or sister is visibly upset, a little pit in the bottom of my stomach forms because I know that they deserve so much better. I wish more than anything there was a magic spell to make their problems go away.

4. The mutual understanding that no matter what the fight is about, nobody tells mom.

Part of the fun of growing up with siblings is the constant back and forth bickering and small arguments. None of us would be half as tough as we are today if it weren't for a little playful banter. Whether it's a fight over where to go to eat or who ate the leftovers in the fridge, there will always be an unspoken rule that nobody tells mom.

5. The feeling of judgment from random people when your family gets out of the car.

We've often been referred to as The Brady Bunch. There is nothing funnier than watching the reactions of random people on the street stare your car down as what seems like a never-ending line of kids pile out.

6. The constant laughter that occurs when you are put together in any situation.

I honestly think that my family deserves a TV show. My siblings know how to turn any normal car ride or trip to target into an award-winning comedy. Whenever I am around my siblings, the energy in the room is unbeatable and my stomach muscles physically ache from laughing so hard.

7. The relief you feel seeing your siblings and knowing you're finally home.

Moving away from home is tough. The best feeling in the world is the relief you feel when you walk in the door after not being home for a while and see your siblings face. My siblings have shaped me into the person that I am today and wouldn't want it any other way.