For Those Who Are Feeling Unmotivated
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For Those Who Are Feeling Unmotivated

Here are some suggestions to pull you out of it

For Those Who Are Feeling Unmotivated

Personally, when I'm too stressed, I shut down. I don't want to do anything and then I lie in my bed, staring at the ceiling, useless. Then I get behind in classwork, in projects, in whatever it is that I have as obligations. Even basic errands. This has been a recent trend lately, as graduation in December looms closer and closer and I feel less and less prepared. Whether this lack of motivation is sign of a larger issue, I want to share just a few tips I find helpful for coping with it which don't even require leaving your room.

Put on some headphones and listen to music. While this is a fairly common suggestion, it really works if your lack of motivation is caused by an overwhelming anxiety or disconnect with the world around you. Music grounds you, particularly a nostalgic or beloved song. You are here, you are loved and you will be okay. Furthermore, music can energize you or elicit emotion, something that can combat the numbness and apathy.

Take a nap. Napping can essentially "restart" your brain and your whole system. A nap of 20-30 minutes will do. It may be that you are simply exhausted and therefore not experiencing a will or desire to do anything. Lack of sleep can have detrimental effects on your mental health. Get some shut-eye and rejuvenate yourself.

Watch or read something emotional. I find that material that is intense enough to elicit emotion, whether it be sadness, wonder or happiness, can push me out of emotional and physical lethargy. After not feeling much at all, any emotional extreme could break that barrier and is ultimately welcome.

Write. Write anything. Write a story or a diary entry. Write about what you're thinking. Write that you think you have nothing to write about. Sometimes, writing can be cathartic and exploratory. Through writing, you may come to some conclusion about why you aren't feeling motivated and move toward a solution. It may seem like too much at the moment, when getting up to take out the trash or make yourself dinner seems impossible, but try it anyway. Try to break that cycle of lying around, then feeling useless and lying around longer to deal with feeling useless and unmotivated. Maybe it's just the inherent writer/storyteller in me, but it seems one of your best bets to put your emotions and thoughts to paper. You may write yourself out of your slump.

If feeling unmotivated is a frequent issue, however, and you've tried all you can to combat it, talk to someone you trust or a therapist. It could very well be a sign of a bigger problem, and not seeking help means it could worsen. You don't need to drown in your own emotions; there are people ready and willing to help you.

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