Why Feeling Happy Is So Important
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That Feeling Of Overwhelming Happiness Is The Most Amazing Feeling

It's the most amazing feeling when you look around you and all you can do is smile.

That Feeling Of Overwhelming Happiness Is The Most Amazing Feeling
Skyler Anderson

That feeling when you are on top of the world and you just know everything is going to be ok in life, that's the feeling I live for. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one with crazy up and down moods. There are some days when I love life and then a switch flips and everything is falling apart.

When I'm in the good days, I'm happy and have a pep in my step, I dance to music, I smile bigger, I have more patience. But on my low days, I'm gloomy and quiet. I move slower, I snap on people faster, I listen to sad music. I understand this is life, they don't call it a roller coaster for anything. But sometimes it is overwhelming how drastic my life can seem in the span of two days.

But, after a crazy bout of life, of school and work and socializing, sometimes, something amazing happens. I thank my lucky stars every time I have one of these moments. I was blessed to have one of these the other day. But it didn't come out of anywhere, many things contributed to this moment. It started on a Tuesday, my birthday, I had class and work but I came home to my room overflowing with balloons and streamers and presents from my friends. Then, that weekend, we went to Halloween Horror Nights and blasted through all of the haunted houses (let me add that haunted houses are my favorite thing ever). Then I spent Saturday roaming around a few Disney parks and Disney Springs. To top it all off, Sunday I was initiated into my sorority. To celebrate the initiation and my birthday, my friends and I went to the Cheesecake Factory. The food was phenomenal!

Sitting at this table in the Cheesecake Factory, surrounded by new and old friends, following a week full of craziness, I couldn't help but smile. I threw my head back in laughter more times than I can count and my cheeks hurt at the end of the night from the giant grin I couldn't get rid of. I knew this was one of those moments, one of those moments that you live for. These moments come few and far between, but when they do, man do they knock your socks off. Even writing this, the feeling comes rushing back and brings tears to my eyes, just to know how much love was surrounding me at that moment.

I wish everyone this feeling of overwhelming happiness. Its hard to describe, as much as I try, it just won't make sense until it happens to you. But when this moment comes to you, make it last as long as possible and burned every detail into your memory, because trust me, you won't want to forget this.

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