I know that you haven't had it easy. Your life spiraled out of your control, which caused you to let yourself lose sight of what was important. Now that you are willing to take control again, it will be difficult, but I hope that you don't give up. When you fell, you had to realize that the uphill climb from rock bottom would be challenging. It is OK though, because after all of these complications you are going to be stronger and more confident in your abilities. You are going to have so many reasons to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. You wandered away from who you are, but I have high hopes for you.

I hope that you allow yourself to fail sometimes. I hope that you allow yourself to see all of the sides of every situation before making conclusions about them. I hope that you are able to remember your past while creating your future. I hope that you are surrounding yourself with a support system that allows you to be yourself always. I hope that you can trust yourself enough to make your own choices. I hope that you trust you take chances. I hope that you do what makes you happy. I hope that you don't let your failures overpower your successes. I hope that you don't give up yourself for someone else. I hope that you consider other's feelings when you utter certain words. I hope that you allow kindness to guide you. I hope that you pull yourself back up. I hope that you never fall back down. Lastly, I hope that you find yourself.

You have been missing for a while. The people you love have missed your smile. They missed your optimism and your laugh. They missed how you could influence a room with your voice. They missed that your forgiving nature made them better people. I hope that you found your path and that you have returned back to where you belong. You may have wandered, but I knew you were never completely lost.