6 Of My February Playlist Favorites
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6 Of My February Playlist Favorites

Because I haven't written an article about music in a long time.

6 Of My February Playlist Favorites
Playlist photo by Sarah Donaldson

Did I get my inspiration for this article because I put my February playlist on to write? Yes, I did. Do I like Apple Music? Yes, I do. I like being able to download things not available on Apple Music and mix those in with my music from Apple Music. It's worth it to me. Did I listen to a lot of good music in February? Yes, I did. Here are six of my favorites.

1. "No 1 Like U" by We The Kings

"Shut up shut up here she comes" embodies what I feel when the song begins and honestly makes me feel like a bad b. I have a manic pixie dream girl complex and this song definitely enhances that. There are a fun clapping bridge and a scream that I have to scream along with every time. The vibe really screams the mid-2000s and the upbeat energy will add some spring in your step for your March playlist as the weather warms up (hopefully, I don't know where you are, but I hope it's getting warmer).

2. "I Love You, I Love You, It's Disgusting" by Broadside

This was the perfect vibe for February with Valentine's Day. The instrument in this song (I don't know what it is, if I'm completely honest) keeps an acoustic and intimate I-wrote-this-song-for-you feel that's sure to make you blush from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, even if you're not in love! That's the power of good music.

3. "Sex n' Drugs" by Abhi The Nomad

Groovy comes to mind when I try to explain the song that is "Sex n' Drugs." Abhi The Nomad delivers the vibes, that's for sure. The soulful intro gives into sultry rhythms, dope lyrics, and gorgeous harmonies. There are so many twists and turns that I truly think there will be more people who like this song than those who don't, as there's something for everybody here. You also may like one or both of the title ... things. That's an added bonus.

4. "Tonight (ft. iann dior)" by jxdn

Didn't know this guy was a Tik Tok star until just now as I looked the song up. It screams of the sweet reunion of our friends for the first rager after the pandemic blows over. I can picture the pong game and smell the sweaty frat basement already just thinking about it.

5. "I Feel Good About This" by The Mowgli's

I've also recently added this to the infinite summer playlist I've been working on, which includes songs with only the utmost infinite summer vibes. You know, the ones with your friends hanging out the windows and the sunroof on your way to wherever just after the sun's gone down at the beach. Just me? That's that summer feeling I harness and the vibes I attach with it. Could definitely be played during a summer montage in a coming-of-age movie.

6. "Me Vs. The World" by The All-American Rejects

This song fueled my angst that I'm sure is still brewing somewhere down inside of me. I absolutely adore The All-American Rejects songs I have in my library. I've been meaning to look into them, add and obsess over more of their songs since I haven't heard a bad one, but you know how it goes. I had to take a break writing the last sentence (and this one for a different reason) to scream my favorite lyrics of the song, "life is a party, you just didn't get invited" because it's addicting. Give it a listen to find out.

Shocked at my lack of badass women on this list! However, it literally has 87 songs on it and these are just six of them. I'll be back with more. I'm sure my song recommendations aren't going anywhere, so keep tuning in and happy listening!

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