Every week I go through the same routine: brainstorm an article idea, fail to come up with anything and, finally, ask everyone I encounter to give me suggestions. Some of the topics recommended to me are current events while others are a little more random. Many of the suggestions given to me by my friends and family often reflect how they see me and how well they know me. Other propositions are typically a result of a personal problem the person I asked for a topic idea is currently undergoing. No matter the reason for giving me the suggestion, people have given me some bizarre ideas.

Here is the kicker: I appreciate every suggestion offered to me. Two weeks ago, my mom recommended that I write an article on bunnies. Yes, bunnies. Apparently the furry creatures ate her marigolds and she was less than thrilled about the incident. I did not gain an article topic to write about from her rant about bunnies, but I did learn just how passionate she was about her garden. Frequently, when I ask my friends the usual "What should I write about" question, they take the opportunity to tease me about past incidents or embarrassing moments. For example, after a stressful week, I had a boy compliment me on my "new hair color." I then proceeded to correct him by replying that I had not, in fact, dyed my hair, but I had not showered/washed my hair and as a result, my hair looked darker. After a similar situation with a friend, he suggested I title an article, "Inopportune times to tell someone you didn't wash your hair." This article recommendation, along with the bunnies one, went unwritten.

I think that is why I truly like writing for Odyssey, though. I make the entire production of brainstorming, writing and editing my articles a team effort. In practice, this may make me a pain, but in theory(and technically reality), I am given a larger pool of ideas to utilize. In the end, it matters very little about what I actually end up writing about. The research and effort put into each article(some I put more effort into than others, I admit) is worth far more than the finished product to me. That being said, I am pretty happy when the product is finished.

Writing for Odyssey allows me to have a tangible accomplishment at the end of every week. Coming up with things to write about every few days may sound like a nightmare, and honestly, sometimes it is, but there is never a time when I have absolutely nothing to write about. The world is my oyster. I can write about World War II (thanks, Liz), being a nerd (thanks, kind of, Robbie), or why career services at school is useless (calm down, Julia). My point is that I get to write and I have people who support me writing. Will my roommate, Alyssa, whack me one of these days for constantly asking for suggestions? Most likely, but it would be from a place of love.

So I am going to keep writing. Maybe I will get around to writing all the article proposals I have been given. Even if I do not, though, I hope the people I ask know that I appreciate them all the same.