This coming summer 2019, I will be graduating and starting a new chapter in my chapter. I will be turning into a professional and hunt down for a job, that is, if I do not get accepted into my graduate school. Either way, it means I can get a job, and I am not ready for that. To be honest, I am terrified, and I have a feeling that feeling is relatable to everyone that is going to start doing their taxes and fending off for themselves entirely feels the same way. The probable reason for this is that at school we were not taught about how to do our taxes or how to write a resume or how to have a successful interview. I am grateful that my college has a career center that I have not to visit too frequently, but they have a liaison in the advising office, and I have visited that liaison several times.

Do not get me wrong; I am ready to start a new phase of my life where I can be independent, but it is a crazy world out there. My guidance counselor ended her education and started working immediately in the hospital, while I will not be having that facility of ending and having a secure job because of my career path. As my graduation day gets closer, my enthusiasm and fear grow bigger. I have had several breakdowns over my future, most of them are about how I will disappoint my family, and I will grow up to my 30s and still be living with my mother while all my friends are CEO's and have their businesses. The one thing I can advise everyone is that you have gotten yourself educated and you are looking for ways of making you a better professional.

So here is my advice to everyone that is starting a new chapter in their life: You are ready, you have taken the initiative of starting your path, and you will always have the support of your parent and friends.