Your New Favorite Song According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type
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Your New Favorite Song According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Fill your world with melody according to who you are.

Your New Favorite Song According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type
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If you haven’t taken the MBTI personality test yet (you can do so here), you’re seriously missing out. Commonly used in marketing and counseling, the Myers-Briggs provides you with a snapshot of your personality, your strengths, and your weaknesses in the form of a four-lettered code. Each letter represents a category of personality, with two preferences -- extroverted (E) or introverted (I), intuitive (N) or sensing (S), thinking (T) or feeling (F), judging (J) or perceiving (P). Pretty soon, you’ll end up deeply attached to your type (I’m an ENTP, thanks for asking) and try to compare yourself to your friends on a daily basis. “Mulan? Oh, yeah, she’s definitely an S. Elsa? She’s so introverted it hurts.”

Another way for you to indulge in MBTI is through music -- a new favorite song that you’re guaranteed to connect with on another level.

ENFP -- Two Door Cinema Club, “What You Know”

Your typical class clowns. Lively and bouncy, the ENFP is as witty and enthusiastic as Two Door Cinema Club’s “What You Know.”

ENFJ -- Ingrid Michaelson, “Parachute”

ENFJ is that loyal, optimistic friend who you will always catch you if you fall. “Parachute” is a song that captures ENFJ’s bouncy nature perfectly.

INFJ -- Ellie Goulding, “Guns and Horses”

Ah, yes, the introspective, soul-searching INFJ. Ellie’s most underrated song is the perfect soundtrack for a creative, imaginative individual like you.

INFP -- Bjork, “Hyperballad”

Like Bjork, the INFP is poetic, individualistic, and idiosyncratic. “Hyperballad” epitomizes the INFP’s quirkiness in its truest form.

ENTP -- Fall Out Boy, “Centuries”

This type is my personal favorite! The ENTP is a fiery, unconventional visionary and a born leader. We’re curious and clever, and we argue simply for the intellectual challenge. Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” is an accurate glimpse into our perspective of the world and our goals in life.

ENTJ -- Lorde, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

Like the ENTP, the ENTJ wants to lead, not follow. They are charismatic and confident and try to achieve every goal through rationality and drive. Every ENTJ can connect to Lorde’s cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” -- even the title of the song oozes authority.

INTJ -- Coldplay, “The Scientist”

It’s funny how often I’m mistyped as an INTJ, but I take it as a compliment. INTJs are rare, intellectual masterminds -- they are creative yet decisive, ambitious yet rational. Coldplay’s “The Scientist” describes the quintessence of the INTJ -- mysteriously aloof on the outside, yet emotionally vulnerable on the inside.

INTP -- Grimes, “Go”

Like the INTJ, the INTP is uniquely inventive and vigorously intellectual, but more in a “dreamy professor” kind of way. The INTP appreciates anything that is creatively and uniquely executive -- they aspire to diverge from the norm more than any other type. Grimes, for this reason, is the ideal musical artist for the INTP, especially her single “Go.”

ESFJ -- Sara Bareilles, “I Choose You”

Like the ENFJ, the ESFJ is the supportive and outgoing best friend. While they love parties, they love hosting them even more. Sara Bareilles, in her song “I Choose You,” describes a harmonious, unbreakable relationship, one which ESFJs admire most of all.

ESTJ -- Marina and the Diamonds, “Power and Control”

ESTJs value tradition and dignity more than anything. They lead for justice; these are your ideal role models. “Power and Control” suits the ESTJ’s tendency to lead, but not without hardworking ethic.

ISTJ -- Bastille, “Durban Skies”

The ISTJ cares the most about structure, detail, and order. ISTJs make the best wedding planners due to their responsible organization and painstaking attention to detail. Bastille’s “Durban Skies” tells a story through the ISTJ’s eyes -- the little things are what bring the world to life.

ISFJ -- Jake Bugg, “Simple As This”

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. The industrious, illustrious caretakers, the ISFJ leads a calm, peaceful life. They care about structure and tradition. Jake Bugg’s “Simple As This” perfectly epitomizes the ISFJ’s journey to happiness -- pure, simple harmony.

ESFP -- Passion Pit, “Take a Walk”

Picture the ENTP, except more impulsive and effervescent. The ESFP is bound to light up any room with their laughter. Passion Pit’s “Take a Walk” is a bursting ball of energy and excitement, just like the ESFP.

ESTP -- Halsey, “Roman Holiday”

Like the ESFP, the ESTP is carefree. They live in the moment and dive into any action they find, but they don’t do it for emotion. They seek to fulfill their hedonistic lives with drama, passion, and action. Halsey’s “Roman Holiday” epitomizes the ESTP’s impulsive, edgy nature, one who always seeks adventure and never sits idle.

ISTP -- Lana Del Rey, “This Is What Makes Us Girls”

ISTPs may seem simple at first glance, but, boy, prepare for a shocking surprise. Their minds move in all sorts of directions; they are loyal and rational, but spirited and spontaneous. Lana’s “This Is What Makes Us Girls” is enigmatic and impulsive, just like the ISTP.

ISFP -- Lykke Li, “Dance, Dance, Dance”

Like Lykke Li in “Dance, Dance, Dance,” ISFPs don’t tell you -- they show you. They are true artists who break the boundaries of convention through action and aesthetic. Their gift for art allows them to color their inner world with their powerful senses and pent-up emotion.

Make your summer extraordinary, Bears. Find yourself, and success will follow!

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