Your New Favorite Song According To Your Favorite ‘Modern Family’ Character
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Your New Favorite Song According To Your Favorite ‘Modern Family’ Character

“I haven’t felt this judged since I forgot my canvas bags at Whole Foods.”

Your New Favorite Song According To Your Favorite ‘Modern Family’ Character
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Like any second-generation Indian-American, I am part of a family tree taller than a 3,000-year-old sequoia. Weddings are rambunctious and crowded. On vacation, we are all loud and wild. Yes, my extended family is completely, utterly dysfunctional… but that’s why I love them. A family is incomplete without the occasional drama or petty fight. The beauty of a relationship lies in its spontaneity, whether good or bad.

That’s why my parents and I love "Modern Family" -- because it reminds us that family will always be there for us, no matter what. From the driven, perfectionistic Alex Dunphy to the kind, sensitive Cam Tucker, the Dunphy-Pritchett clan will always stand together. And, so will mine.

That being said, every "Modern Family" fan has a favorite character. Here's your new favorite song according to your character preferences, by yours truly.

1. If your favorite character is Claire, Jay, or Mitchell Pritchett: Childish Gambino, “III. Telegraph Ave. (ft. ‘Oakland’ by Lloyd)”

You’re the realist of your friend group. You see the world like it is, except with a sharp tinge of cynicism. Yet, often times, you are unsure about yourself, and you hate to admit how you do care about what others think of you. Gambino’s “Telegraph Ave.” is relatable and, sometimes, insecure, just like you.

2. If your favorite character is Phil or Luke Dunphy: Jacob Whitesides, “Lovesick”

You beat your own drum. You’re goofy, carefree, and lovable. I mean, who can ever get sick of you? You’re so fun to be around, and you aren’t afraid to be who you are. Sure, you can sometimes say or do the wrong thing, but everyone makes mistakes, right? Jacob Whitesides’ “Lovesick” is a testament to your love for impulsive fun and emotion.

3. If your favorite character is Alex Dunphy: Gabrielle Aplin, “Human”

Hello, straight-A student and valedictorian. You’re insanely smart and dedicated; you won’t stop until you’ve won every medal. But, you are also a diehard perfectionist -- you often feel anxious and obsessive over even the smallest thing. But, you hide your emotions and close yourself off from others, afraid of feeling vulnerable. “Human” describes your inner battles, the demons you fight in your head.

4. If your favorite character is Haley Dunphy: Phoebe Ryan, “Mine”

You’re the trendsetter of your friend group. You pride yourself on your impeccable sense of style. You’re definitely a flirt, and you place your social and love life on top of your list of priorities. Your popularity stems from the fact that you’re just so fun to be around. You’ve probably had some unfortunate run-ins with the law, but that only adds to your street cred, right? Like you, Phoebe Ryan gives off an aura of cool and trendy. “Mine” personifies your laidback, carefree nature.

5. If your favorite character is Gloria Ramirez-Pritchett: Marina and the Diamonds, “Oh No!”

You’re very proud of who you are and where you come from, and you aren’t afraid to show it. A lot of people think you’re loud and dramatic, but you’re just being yourself. You think from the heart, and often times, you can get carried away by your emotions. Sometimes, you can be a little materialistic, but you try very hard to understand the love behind every gift. Marina’s “Oh No!” says a lot about who you are as an individual, while you come to terms with who you are.

6. If your favorite character is Cam Tucker or Manny Delgado: Ed Sheeran, “Tenerife Sea”

You’re sensitive, very sensitive. You’re the dreamer of your friend group. Some think you’re naive and too idealistic, but without the dreamers, how can the realists even get off the ground? You’re not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve, though sometimes it can be excessive. You’re poetic and romantic; you value love more than anything else. Ed Sheeran’s “Tenerife Sea” is a perfect song for any impromptu candlelight date.

7. If your favorite character is Lily Tucker-Pritchett: Kate Nash, “Do-Wah-Doo”

Hey there, you little dragon. No one ever thinks beyond your exterior -- everyone thinks you’re innocent and “cute.” In reality, you’re sarcastic AF and ridiculously smart, but at times, you can be a little dramatic. You really look up to your parents, and they’ve shaped your personality and perspective on life more than anyone or anything else. “Do-Wah-Doo” is a musical embodiment of who you are as an individual -- precociously blunt, but unabashedly independent.

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