Okay, everyone gets it, I am from Vermont and I love it there and it’s really amazing blah blah blah. Think I’m done raving about it? LOL. No. Sorry. Just kidding, I just lied I am not sorry at all and here’s why. It’s holiday season and all I can think about is the best parts of being home around Christmas time. I was trying to write about other topics and drafted a few articles, but each time my mind would wander to what I have to look forward to once I fly home from Salt Lake to Vermont next week. Whenever I think about it my stomach does a small flip and I smile to myself like a weirdo. Now I am smiling thinking about how I am following my heart and writing about what I truly can’t stop thinking about, being home for Christmas.

First off, I am deeply sorry to all my friends who cannot be home during this time, that is a true shame and you should know your absence will be noticed and you will be missed. It is true, and If I couldn’t be home for the holidays, I would want to hear that. With that being said, I will now list off all the reasons I am SO excited to go home to Stowe for Christmas!!


I get to see my parents who rule!! I get to SEE MY DOG. HE’S ACTUALLY THE CUTEST DOG TO GRACE THIS EARTH AND I WORSHIP HIS EXISTENCE. We’re both totally going to cry when we see each other. Happens every time. I also get to be with all three of my brothers! Which is not a common occurrence now, so any time we get to all be together I genuinely appreciate from the bottom of my heart. The thought of being all together as a family, brothers, parents and pup is making my stomach do flips and my heart pound. It is such a blessing. I also get to see all my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents on both sides of my family when I am home too! There is so much love and laughter shared amongst my giant family, it is always such a great time. My family is so fun, I’m smiling just thinking about seeing everyone. The weekend of our big extended family parties is something I really look forward to every year.


Friends!!!!! I love when friends flood into town to be home for the holidays. It is always so great seeing everyone. It is such a blessing to be with friends I’ve known my entire life and be able to catch up in person. I love running into people on the mountain, meeting up with old friends to go out, cooking with my best friends and laughing so hard we cry and/or snot. Laughing to the point where your face hurts is one of my favorite feelings ever, and I am lucky enough to know a lot of people I will see while home who bring that joy into my life.


I am so excited for the traditions that my family has during the holidays. I appreciate that my mom is waiting to decorate the tree until all three of us kids who live out west are home so we can all do it together. I am excited for the Christmas eve tradition of going to our family friends house. I can’t wait for the games we play at our Christmas eve parties where the hosts make EVERYONE play. There is so much laughter and happiness of being all together, there is something so special about it. I look forward to the Christmas morning skiing as a family that we enjoy every year. We all go up to the mountain after a big breakfast and opening presents and ski the day away regardless of the weather. I love that my family takes the time to honor these traditions, they mean a lot to me.

Winter activities

I am so excited to play in the snow when I am home!! I am lucky enough to have a lot of friends who enjoy similar activities as I do. Sledding, skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, winter hikes and ice skating at the outdoor ice rink in my town are just a couple of the fun things I love to do with my friends and family while home. There is so much charm about snow around Christmas time, it’s always the best feeling to get out and make the most of my time home in the fresh air with people I love.


Last but not least, I love holiday parties. I know I mentioned above, but I am REALLY looking forward to the family Christmas parties, as well as holiday parties with friends on random nights when home. I love ugly sweater parties (find me someone who doesn’t), I love parties where everyone dresses up and looks beautiful, and I love good old fashioned casual house parties with my closest friends from home. There is so much to be grateful for and celebrate during the holiday season and getting everyone together is something I really cannot stop thinking about!

I love that there is a time in the year where time is taken to appreciate family and friends, health and happiness. Even though it should always be, it is a true blessing to have gratitude and kindness as a cultural norm during this time of the year. I hope everyone has the best time home with family and friends if you are lucky enough to be. I am so grateful that I am able to go home this upcoming week to be with my loved ones. Never take it for granted and always make smart choices while still having fun. I truly hope everyone has a safe and great time enjoying the holidays! It IS the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!