Fall. It is such a lovely season. There's colder weather, scary movies, pumpkin picking at the pumpkin patch, color change in leaves, and of course, the outfits. I am not a fashionista at all, but I do enjoy expressing myself through my clothing and fall is the perfect season that allows me to do so. Not to mention, fall is my favorite season anyway because of those many attributes.

Some of my favorite brands are Champion, New Balance, Nike, Levi, and ultimately, no brand. Yes, I am contradicting myself by entitling an entire article with 'My Favorite Clothing Brands…" but I can justify it because I shop wherever. If something is cute, I am going to purchase it, whether it's at a thrifting shop or some fancy place in the mall.

I enjoy collecting many different kinds of styles from different places; it is unique to me. I love the brands that I named earlier simply because they have a sense of authenticity about them.

1. Levis Jean Company

Levi Jeans.


Levis are a jean company that keeps their originality of origin in their clothing today.

2. Champion Brand. 

Champion Brand.


Champion has become more colorful, but the basic sweatshirt and pants draw me to them because it's so simple but cute.

3. New Balance Brand. 

New Balance Brand.


New Balance and Nike are not the same at all, but they do have one thing in common- athletic wear.

I LOVE Nike shoes. My favorite style of shoes crafted by them is huaraches. New Balance shoes are so comfortable and have a unique style to them. When I wear my New Balances, I feel adorable. Yes, adorable.

Enough about brands, let's get to the meat of the burger. OUTFITS.

Nike, Just Do It!https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1533086467376-e4...

Fall outfits make my heart warm. One of my favorite go-to outfits is sweatshirts and high waist jeans with some simple booties. I am short. 5'0" to be exact. And sometimes I would like to feel tall, so I enjoy wearing heels as much as I can. Booties are the go-to shoes when wanting to get a basic outfit to a "that's SO cute" outfit.

I also LOVE dresses. That's another go-to fall outfit because dresses are easy to put on and convenient. Black dresses, t-shirt dresses, off-the-shoulder dresses, sweater dresses, and any dress that is long-sleeves are all my go-to dresses for the fall. Any time I have a dress on, I style it up with some cute booties, heels, or if I am going for a more relaxed outfit, I put some on sneakers and a hat. Go-to outfits aren't meant to have much thought behind them, because they are simple and quick.

Me. Photo by: Candice Hodge

One thing I have a strong belief in is wearing whatever looks good together. I correlate my outfits with how they contrast to each other and the overall look that it gives me. My mood is another representation of how I put my outfits together. If I am feeling down and blue, I would put on a big oversized sweatshirt, distressed boyfriend jeans, and some sneakers. If I'm really down, I'll add a hat.

Hats are accessories to outfits. I wear them to add to my look or if I just did not do my hair that day. Bad hair days are serious.

If I'm in a mood to where I want to be prissy and cute, I'll wear a nice, fitted dress, heels, and beat my face to top of the entire look.

Another go-to outfit is a jean jacket, black distressed jeans, and a pair of huaraches. Any color of huaraches as long as it is jazz up the outfit.

Fall brings out such a glow within myself and my wardrobe. I enjoy colder weather because I'm a winter baby and I like crisp air, scarves, jeans, booties, and sweatshirts. There are so many cute outfits that you can piece together in the fall and many different ways to express yourself.