Fave Grey's Anatomy Characters Ranked
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Fave Grey's Anatomy Characters Ranked

Fave Grey's Anatomy Characters Ranked

Every week, you anxiously watch the TV on Thursday nights, anticipating this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. As the winter season returns this week, Shonda is sure to have us on the edge of our seats. This is the ultimate list of the top Grey’s characters of all time.

1. McSteamy

If this wasn’t the obvious first choice, I don’t know what is. Derek epitomizes perfection; handsome and successful…did I mention handsome? His death was one of the most unexpected moments in Grey’s history and it is still traumatizing to watch the hospital go on without him.

2. McDreamy

His iconic smirk, flirty attitude, and bad boy image made him the doctor everyone loved to hate. Grey’s fans never knew who Mark’s next romantic interest was going to be, although pretty much everyone loved the Lexi/Mark pair the best.

3. Lexi Grey

Despite facing opposition from fans and Seattle Grace staff, Lexi fulfilled our hopes for an outgoing female character. It was hard to hate her gentle approach and beautiful appearance. Besides being Mark’s angel, she was also famously involved with Jackson.

4. Jackson Avery

Okay maybe I lied when I said that Mark and Derek were some of the most lovable men on Grey’s. Jackson’s sparking blue eyes and advanced surgical talent were by far the most enviable traits of all the Grey’s characters. The old saying proves true as he gets even better with time.

5. Alex Karev

Alex, Alex, Alex. The original bae. Week after week, it seemed like he was always in a new predicament but found his way out. To be honest, Karev could be higher on the list if he hadn’t wasted his time with Izzie.

6. Bailey

Miranda is the most empowering figure on Grey’s, without a doubt. As a woman of color, petite in size, and being a fuller figure, she proved that being judged on what you did would far surpass the superficial qualities. Combined with her sass and all-knowing attitude, Bailey inspired many girls watching that it was cool to be smart and feisty.

7. Christina

I might have cried more after Christina left the show than when other characters tragically died. Her dead pan attitude yet driven personality were admirable and she came up with iconic “You are my person” phrase. Christina and Meredith’s friendship was the goal: to be able to have impromptu dance parties, wine in bed, and good cry sessions.

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