10 Things To Write In Your Father's Day Card

Every dad out there is different. Some are more serious while others seem not to have a serious bone in their body. I know my dad is a pretty serious guy, but when he is in a goofy mood NOTHING is taken seriously. When Father's Day rolls around me and my brother are always stuck on what to write in his card. There are only so many things you can write each year before you have to start repeating yourself, so here are some fun creative things you can write in your Father's Day card.

1. Thank You, but with a little razzle dazzle

Dear dad,

Thank you for telling me 'yes' when mom said 'no'.

2. From the oldest child

Dear dad,

I know raising kids can suck. Thank you for dealing with an awful, weird, jerk as a child...but at least you had me first.

3. From the youngest child

Dear dad,

You always taught me that if at first, you don't succeed try, try again...I guess that's why I exist. Save the best for last am I right?

4. Congrats!

Dear dad,

Congratulations on having a couple of awesome kids! I hope one day my kids are as cool as yours.

5. You're Welcome

Dear dad,

You're welcome for making you a father so you can do anything you want today. Without me, today just would have been just a normal day.

7. Too Obvious

Dear dad,

I was gonna get you a gift, but then I realized that it might be too obvious when I asked you for money 3 days before Father's day.

8. From a daughter

Dear dad,

Considering I'm not on drugs and I beat teen pregnancy, you did a pretty ok job raising me. Next time you get mad at me for having a scratch on my car just remember, it could be worse.

9. From a son

Dear dad,

Contrary to popular belief, I think you did a great job raising me...I mean...it could be worse.

10. Nursing home

Dear dad,

If you tell me I'm your favorite kid, I'll make sure you end up in a decent nursing home instead of my brothers' basement.

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