I wasn't ready to be single parent but it happened.
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To The Father Who Just Became A Single Parent

You are superman.

To The Father Who Just Became A Single Parent
Emma Ecklin

In the midst of summer love, "I do's," false "my water broke!" scurries to the hospital, late-night messy diaper changes, and starry night porch swings, I am sure the last thing ever on your mind was the moment you would have to say goodbye.

But it happened.

I know you didn't choose this. I know you would do anything to bring back your soulmate.

I am sorry that you will never get another welcome home kiss or a chance to travel the world with your best friend.

And I am sorry that you will only feel the embrace of the love of your life in memories.

There is no magic answer that will ease the pain. No inspirational quote, discussions with family, or even professional help could ever take away the pain of losing someone you love.

But try to at least to remember this.

Despite sleeping in an empty bed now, you aren't alone. Though picturing that sight makes it hard to believe, those who love us never really leave us. And I am not trying to bullshit you on that either.

I like to think (or tell myself) death doesn't conquer love. Look around you. Life may seem horrible right now, but can you see your children running around? They are still alive and they need you. And your partner knows you have the strength to care for your children AND yourself. The death of a parent may be different from the death of a spouse, but the pain is no different; it is still a deep heart-wrenching pain. Your children need you, and you need them.

But maybe you don't have children. Maybe it was just you and your soulmate, ready to take on a life's journey together, without the little ducklings to take care of. Maybe you created this vision of the two of you...and only the two of you. Now? You feel lonely. You feel isolated. Who else do you have to share everything with? Who are you even going to speak to now?

It's easy to feel alone, to feel like no one else cares - especially in a state of grieving. But here's another little reminder:

You aren't alone. Someone out there cares. Someone wants to help. But they only can help if you let them in. The pain isn't going to go away, but you don't have to go away either. This is not a time to dwell in your misery. This is not a time to give up.

It's never time to give up.

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