I love my hair long, and I am about to share a little secret with you: after struggling for years, I was able to grow it a few inches in only one month without buying expensive hair care products. :)

One year ago I made the mistake of getting my hair cut several inches. I straighten it a lot, so the heat damage was starting to show. I thought it would just look healthier and grow back. After the haircut, it did look healthier, but it wasn't growing back.

I tried everything!! I was using all these different sprays that were supposed to help strengthen my hair and help it grow. From coconut oil to hair masks, I was really trying everything and nothing was working for me. I even started using a heat protectant spray when I straightened my hair, but nada.

It was super frustrating because I started regretting cutting my hair, and it just wasn't growing back to the length that I desired.

One day I was doing my makeup and I always prime and moisturize my face first (duh I'm not gross lol). To moisturize my face, I use rose water facial spray. I really like the smell of it and it adds hydration to my face and makes it feel really smooth. That's where I had an idea. If rose water replenishes my face, then it must work on my hair too, right?

So I started spraying my hair with a rose water spray every night. I sprayed some on my ends and directly on my scalp. Before I knew it, my hair was really growing. I was finally seeing a change and returning to my desired image!

Forget the hair masks and expensive products! Use rose water. I buy the Mario Badescu facial spray from Amazon.

I hope this saves you next time you get a haircut that you regret!

Editor's note: The views expressed in this article are not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.