Fashion Trends That Need to STOP!
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Fashion Trends That Need to STOP!

By Laura SelakWhile I am a member of an amazing Greek organization full of women who I adore, since joining I have began to notice some fashion trends that aren't so cute because I’m observant like that.

While some of these are cute and stylish and totally rock-able, others make me want to scream. Now look, I am no super fashionista. I try really hard, and I will question an outfit like five times before I leave the building. It's possible that I’m just not srat enough to understand them. Maybe I’m bitter than I can’t pull off some of them. Another point to make before we start this journey together is that I am the anti-sorority girl. I am not preppy, I enjoy herbal tea, old vinyl records and shopping at Goodwill so y'all may not agree with me, and that’s ok!

Huge shirts

These are some of my favorite things. Major props to the ladies who actually try to look nice for class, but for the rest of us, these tents are the way to go. You throw them on over leggings/yoga pants/Norts, and you are ready to go in seconds! Also they allow you to do laundry less often because every sorority girl has about 2,000 of them.


Warning: rant approaching. This one has gotten out of hand and very quickly… It started as a couple of items (necklaces, car decals, towels) and has grown like the damn plague. Ladies, NOT EVERYTHING YOU OWN MUST HAVE YOUR MONOGRAM ON IT. I mean c’mon, you can get everything monogrammed now but why do you need a monogrammed keychain on your monogrammed backpack that contains your monogrammed planner??!? My personal favorite new item to flaunt a monogram is the bathing suit. Bathing suits? Really? You want your initials stamped on your boobs for everyone to stare at? It's like y'all are afraid you’re gonna forget your initials so you had to put them everywhere to remind yourselves.

Not showering

I’m sure there’s about 50 percent of girls on this campus right now that haven’t washed their hair in about a day. Dry shampoo has been a personal savior to me this year because I am a part of that assumed 50 percent. You aren’t supposed to wash your hair everyday anyway! Plus it helps you master the art of fancy up-dos and wearing headbands! Or you can just put on a hat, but hey, you do you boo-boo.


This one kinda goes along with the monograms due to the fact that it’s also spreading like wildfire. Y'all know it's true. Chevron clothing, chevron rugs, chevron bedding, and the list just keeps going. The best part is that usually when I see chevron, it’s usually a bright color and a monogram is soon to follow. Can we pick another type of horizontal stripe to obsess over?

Lilly Pulitzer

This is another one that I just will never understand. We have a store in Memphis that sells nothing but this stuff, and the place scares me. Upon browsing their website, I have noticed two things. 1) everything is expensive as hell and 2.) all the patterns look like the result of when the preppiest human being alive dropped some acid. That much pattern in any of those hues belongs nowhere on your body. It’s cute on a kindergartener, but unless you are going vacationing in the Hamptons with your polo team on daddy’s private yacht then there’s no reason to wear it. I will give Lilly credit though; they make a fantastic planner.

Converse (specifically white ones)

This is another one of those things that have become a staple of srat-hood. I’m 70 percent sure that every girl has a pair of these and the ones that don’t should because they’re the absolute best. I wear mine with basically everything because they’re comfortable and o so stylish #flawless

Michael Kors watches

I’m not about to pay that much money for a watch. Plain and simple.

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