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Fashion For A Cause

How one website has changed the lives of many in just a few short years.

Fashion For A Cause

It's a very rare occasion when you meet someone who has never been affected by cancer. Whether it was a parent, a loved one or someone's own personal journey, everyone you meet seems to have a story about how a simple mutation in our cells has caused such drastic changes for them.

There are so many different charities and fundraisers for cancer research, but these days, it's tough to pick out the organizations that help cancer patients directly. With that in mind, this is one website that ensures our funds will directly help those in need.

Headbands of Hope was started by a woman named Jessica Ekstrom in April of 2011. The site sells products such as jewelry, bandanas and shirts, with their signature item being (you guessed it) the headband. So where's the charity in this? With every item sold on the website's "Hope Market," a dollar is donated to help benefit a childhood cancer organization. Along with that, with every headband sold from the site, a pediatric cancer patient will also receive a headband.

The trademark of the company is the headband. Pediatric cancer patients around the country are now sporting "Headbands of Hope" as a sign of strength, positivity and fashion. The site has even launched a line of headbands for boys as an attempt to touch the lives of even more cancer patients around the United States. Each headband comes with a tag about the organization, and they ship around the world, so they make great gifts for both boys and girls!

Along with being charitable, the website brings opportunities for college students to get involved, gain experience and help an organization close to their heart. College students from around the country can participate in a campus rep ambassador program, in which they help market the items on college campuses to help sales and raise money for the organization. It's considered a very rewarding program, as each campus rep can gain points for prizes from the company. Who wouldn't want to work for a company with fun and fashionable clothing, all for an incredible cause?

Since its humble beginnings in 2011, Headbands of Hope has provided headbands to every children's hospital in the country. For more information on this amazing organization and what it offers, visit its website or find your campus rep! Many schools even offer promo codes for a discount. The next time you're looking for a cute way to give back, be sure to check out Headbands of Hope.

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