For my family, concerts give off a lot of confusing emotions. For me, when Taylor Swift tours for her newest era, I'm overjoyed and always insist on going with my mom. My mom is my best friend, and someone who I love sharing moments with. Concerts for me are one of the happiest places to be, so why would I not want to share that joy with her? My mom has not had it easy, but concerts are a place for both of us to destress and truly live in the moment.

The picture used for my heading is a picture of me and my mom, while at our only Billy Joel concert together. My mom is a fan of Billy's like I'm a fan of Taylor, and for anyone who knows me, you know that's a whole lot of love for those artists. When I found out that Billy was going to be touring in Philadelphia at the end of May, when I would, in fact, be home from college, I was so excited! I had only been able to see Billy with my mom once, and I knew that she and I would both love to see him again, together.

Fast forward through all the petty drama with my dad, my mom and I will not be seeing Billy Joel this May. Why? I'm still not exactly sure. As I've matured, I've become someone who is really outspoken and doesn't necessarily let things go easily. To be brief, there have been many arguments in my house surrounding concerts, always with my dad complaining about them in one way or another, particularly with this Billy one in May, but I fought for it because it was a memory that I really wanted to have with my mom.

You can't always win arguments, but you can always fight for them. This is one of my many mottos for myself, and one that I choose to live by when I get that "fire in my belly" about wanting something so bad. Why are concerts such a soft spot in my house? Because some people choose to live in the past, working always to take things back, but I choose to try to move on.