Family: A Poem

A cohesive unit central to the wellbeing of every member
All for one and one for all
We give our lives for each other
Supporting each other through thick and thin
With love so unconditionally pure and selfless it's surreal

Each member equally important in some way
Working towards everyone's collective happiness
Serving as a buttress for the unit
Each part greater than or equal to the whole
No member left behind

Ubiquitous across much of Mammalia
It should be no surprise why the units endured
Countless generations of mutual love and support
Ensuring the survival of the collective group
And new members eventually growing to found their own units

No other structure may supersede this
As everyone is attached to each other so tightly
With unbreakable chains of love, trust, respect
Binding each other on a spiritual level, too
Such that at death it does not depart

Nothing can express in words how reassuring it is
To know that people dear to you have your back
And are always supporting you no matter what path taken
Those people, are the family that keeps us afloat.
You should tightly keep them close and never let them go.

For real family won't let you go either.

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