Falling In Love After A Breakup

What does falling in love after a breakup feel like? Falling in love is something that can’t be truly described due to it being different for everyone. There are things you can relate to with others; one of those things being when its over.

The hurt can be similar but also different. They say it takes time, which is very true. It is different for everyone. It could take someone four months to accept it, while it could take someone four years. To get back out there also develops with time, and it's not something that is insured, which is scary.

I think falling in love after going through a hard break up is one of the most powerful things out there. It really shows you that what you went through was because of something. Falling in love again is scary, because you still have that feeling that the person you’re with is going to leave. It isn’t something that is easy to go through and it is a lot of over-thinking while you’re trying to protect yourself from going through what you had been through.

Falling in love again isn’t being weak, it isn’t making you less independent, and it's scary and risky. You’re putting yourself out there and your heart on your sleeve. It truly is exciting, and you can still figure out who you are.

I know the feeling where you feel as though you are putting so much on the table knowing you could lose a lot. A lot of insecurities come out once you go through this, and the real test is how much you care about yourself. Knowing your self-worth, investing a lot of you into that person can be damaging.

I know from personal experience how it feels to lose someone who had a part of you, who was your best friend — it became a learning lesson. I learned not to put my self-worth and my identity in someone else. I am me and they are them.

I think falling in love when you least expect is the best thing. It’s an adventure and you never know what is going to happen. It is a new chapter in your life and it’s a great way to put everything in the past and move on. I am a big believer in loving yourself before loving others.

You are important, you are more than what that breakup was, you are more deserving, and I do think that there is a someone for everyone. It just happens when you least expect it. Look after yourself, but don’t be afraid of loving someone. It’s your chance to have your story.

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