Fall is right around the corner. Here's why I'm excited

1) My Birthday

My birthday falls right in the first two months of fall. The first day of fall is on September 22 and my birthday is a actually a month after fall so my birthday is on October 22. Maybe yours fall around fall time too.

2) Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday of fall because you get to dress in costume and you get to go around from house to house collecting candy. The best part about Halloween is that its a little over a week after my birthday.

3) Leaves Changing Colors

Sometime at the end of September to the start of October that's when all of the leaves on the trees will start different color. Another thing I like about the leaves changing color is that at the end of October they will start to fall on the ground.

4) Hoodies, yoga pants, and boots weather

I love wearing my baggy sweatshirt with my yoga pants and I like to weather my boots with them. I love wearing big sweatshirt because they are comfy. Another thing I like to wear are leggings comfy hoodie with my riding boots.

5) Bonfire

On a fall night I like to sit by a bonfire in I like to make s'more with some friend and just to talk about things and the fire keep us warm even when we don't wear long sleeves. That is the most perfect thing to do on a cool night.

6) Fall sports

The one thing about fall is that you get to play fall sports, the fall sports I liked to play was volleyball in high school which that happen during the fall season and I played softball which I was on a fall ball team for my high school.

7) Pumpkin Everything

I love when everything pumpkin come out, I like going to the pumpkin patch, getting pumpkin coffee, pumpkin muffin, pumpkin pie, pumpkin dounts, and even pumpkin hand cream, body spray and even shower gel and candle and air fresher. I love the taste of pumpkin and the smell of it.