13 Fall Date Ideas For Couples Social Distancing In 2020
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13 Fall Date Ideas To Have A Gourd Time With Your Boo While Social Distancing

Social distancing doesn't mean anti-fun.

13 Fall Date Ideas To Have A Gourd Time With Your Boo While Social Distancing

Alright, I get it, COVID-19 has totally put a damper on 99.9 percent of our plans this year. (RIP to January and February when we took social outings for granted). Considering the BEST time of the year for cute outings with your partner is rapidly approaching, the nerves we're all feeling about fall dates are totally valid.

Don't fear, though, because I've got you covered. Check out these 13 date ideas for a fun (but safe) dating experience this fall.

1. Carve pumpkins

Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

This is the perfect activity for this fall! It's a staple, must do October activity that also gives you the ability to be safe and keep your distance.

2. Get tickets for a drive-in movie


You don't even have to leave your car, how much safer can it get? While the drive-in movie was a dying breed, COVID has really given this part of our past some love.

3. Tie-dye


You can do this right in your own backyard! Tye dye is super fun for all ages, and it's another easy activity for social distancing standards.

4. Go apple picking

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Even COVID can't stop this date because is it even fall if you don't go apple picking?! Be sure to wear a mask if you go to a more popular orchard or stay in a space where there are fewer people.

5. Take a hike

Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

Fall is the perfect hiking weather! It's not too hot, it's not too cold, it's just perfect!

6. Take a virtual cooking class

Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash

You and your partner can learn how to cook a gourmet meal together, from the comfort and safety of your own home! You'll be Gordon Ramsay in no time.

7. Hit up a pumpkin patch

Photo by Marius Ciocirlan on Unsplash

Just like the apple orchard trip, there are some fall staples that just can't be replaced!

8. Go horseback riding

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

This is my personal favorite, but I've also been riding since I was 10 years old, competing locally since I was 12 and competing nationally since I was 14. A nice, fall trail ride would be the perfect date!

9. Find your way through a corn maze

Photo by Burst on Unsplash

Nothing beats doing a corn maze in the fall, especially if you wait until it's dark for an extra challenge!

10. Make caramel apples

Photo by Henry Becerra on Unsplash

Where I'm from, fairs are a crucial part of our fall culture, and caramel apples are rooted in that culture. With COVID-19, fairs are out of the question this year, but making caramel apples at home definitely isn't!

11. Cuddle around a bonfire

Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

Bonfires make great settings for deep conversations, and they're personally one of my favorites!

12. Have a paint night

Photo by Taelynn Christopher on Unsplash

While going to a couples' paint night may be out of the question, having this signature event in your home is totally in question!

13. Make candles

Photo by Ellieelien on Unsplash

I've done this on a girls' night before, and it was so fun! It translates to a date night perfectly!

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