We're Wearing Our Love for #PSL, and You Should, Too

We're Wearing Our Love for #PSL, and You Should, Too

Finding fall beauty inspiration in all the things we love.


Despite the South's resistance to cooling temperatures, autumn has technically arrived! It's time to revel in our favorite fall activities, from cozying up in giant sweaters to sitting around campfires. Fortunately, the beauty world has plenty to offer in the fall as well. Below, check out our favorite autumn-inspired beauty picks!

Pumpkin spice.

A toasty, pumpkin-laced latte calls for a pumpkin-hued eyeshadow. Try the NYX Prismatic shadow in Fireball or the L'Oréal Infallible eyeshadow in Amber Rush. Bonus: these kinds of shades look killer against blue eyes.


Nothing says campfire like smoke and sparks. Indie darlings Hello Waffle capture both in Photo-Negative, a limited-edition shade from their Waffleween collection.


We happen to believe that flannel is appropriate year-round, but it seems especially fitting for fall. Pair yours with deep red lips, like Milani Matte Iconic or Maybelline Rich Ruby for a bit of punch.

Cozy sweater.

Just like your favorite comfy knit, mauve lips can suit anyone: you just need to find one you like. Try ColourPop Lumière, Maybelline Touch of Spice, or Wet 'n' Wild Mauve Outta Here.

Tartan scarves.

When we think of tartan scarves, we think of rich jewel tones, especially greens. Try echoing some of those tones around your eyes. Contrary to popular opinion, green eyeshadow can look incredible on a wide range of skintones. To get started, try the iconic Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone palette or the L'Oréal Infallible shadow in Gilded Envy.

Chilly showers.

We love capturing the mistiness of autumn showers in our manicures. You can emulate this lovely mutedness by picking up a neutral nail polish like Essie Chinchilly, Sally Hansen Making Mauves, or Rimmel Beige Babe.

Shorter days.

As sunset creeps ever earlier, we like to play with plum eyeliners: they're flattering on every skin tone and eye color. Pixi and Maybelline offer excellent pencil and gel options, respectively.

Lavender mocha.

Have you tried our Fall Seasonals?! Start your weekend with our recommendation for tomorrow: The Luna | mocha, lavender latte Nighty night Nashville 🌙😴 See you tomorrow! 👍🏻☕️😋 📷: @michaelthinks
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We can't help ourselves when in comes to autumnal lattes. Channel the unexpected beauty of the lavender mocha with a sweep of violet-hued bronze across your eyelids. You can find these shades in the Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment trio and the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Extreme Shimmer shadow and liner trio in Nude Eyes, or you can just pick up Milani Bella Taupe.

What excites you most about autumn? Does your makeup typically change with the seasons, or do you where whatever you want yearround?

[Note: None of these links are affiliate links. Our resident beauty nerd has either tested these formulas herself or researched others' experiences with them. She wishes you good luck in all your beauty-related endeavors.]

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