Fall 2019 Fashion Trends You Need To Be Excited About

Fall 2019 Fashion Trends You Need To Be Excited About

The best of this fall's couture shows.


Fall 2019 is shaping up to be a very unique year in fashion. While certainly less flashy than we have seen in years previous this year brings back looks from some past decades with a modern twist. Get ready to get cozy next season with endless layers, inviting palettes, and loose fits based on what the top designers recently debuted in their ready to wear shows.

1. Get suited up.

Agnona Fall 2019 Pintrest


If you are going to take anything from this list, take the suit. This is appearing to be the key trend of the entire season, it is safe to say that plaid is back. You name the designer, they probably debuted a suit in pre-season this year.

2. Embrace your inner animal, with your outerwear.

Jacquemus Pintrest


Printed statement outerwear has been everywhere on the runway this pre-season, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Celine, Bottega Veneta and Jacquemus just to name a few. Primarily it has been shown on long trench-coats in varying print sizes and material from silk to fur.

3. Soft pallets are moving in.

Fashionista.com Top 7 Trends From The New York Fall 2019 Runways Pinterest


The strong colors have moved out, bringing royal blues and bold color blocks with them. This season be ready for lots of lilacs, beiges, blue-grays, light chestnuts and dark salmons.

4. Heroic capes.

Nowfashion Menswear Runway Pinterest


Capes are back, bringing a very traditional English twist to the US runways this year. The modern take on capes built into oversized jackets are often being belted to add a little bit more shape to the look.

5. Loose fits.

Celine Fall 2019 Ready To Wear Collection Pinterst


Oversize seems to be another possible key detail to this year's collective look. Whether it is lace, florals, plaids, prints, or even metallics, fitted looks have been almost non-existent this year. We have seen layers on layers, loose sleeves and flowing bottoms.

6. Dark florals.

Givenchy Fall 2019 Ready To Wear Collection Pinterest


Floral variations over a black or deep blue back are the romance patterns of the season, which is perfect moving into this cooler time of year.

7. Lace Outlines

Zimmerman 2019 Ready To Wear Collection Pinterest


Lace is being used this season in so many unique ways, all with the same goal of creating a unique silhouette. Whether it is a sheer lace slip adding multi-dimensions, or lace sleeves to add body and shape to a blouse, this season's lace gives soft feminine touches.

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