Over the past few years, we have heard the term fake news thrown around probably more than we'd like to hear. Whether it is used by Trump or about Trump, this phrase has seemed to consume much of President Trump's administration.

While some people believe it's an issue and others deny it altogether, fake news is a real problem for the United States.

I define fake news as something that encompasses much more than just false news stories. To me, fake news has become the use and proliferation of different (and false) information. It often seems like Democrats and Republicans (or any people in disagreement over political topics) are referencing different facts... Because they are.

Fake news and the use of false information has given Americans the choice to twist the facts to align with their arguments. Now, of course, opinions have always existed, but I would argue that disagreeing on what the actual facts are is a new phenomenon. And it is a dangerous one.

In the ongoing debate about the border wall and border security, Democrats and Republicans are repeatedly pointing to different facts, stories, and figures. An agreement will never be reached if both sides are arguing something completely different.

In order to make our country better, or at least running again, we need to establish what is fact and what is not. Although it's much easier to rely on the facts that support your argument, fake news only hurts us as a people.

So, in my opinion, what we need in the coming months and years is not something that a Democrat or a Republican can specifically bring. It is not, and should not be, split on partisan lines. What the United States needs is the truth. An objective truth. Once we get there, only then will we be able to move along.

It's impossible to have a productive argument with someone if you're arguing about two completely different things. All too often that's what the political discourse feels like. But it doesn't have to. The end of fake news will fix this once and for all.