Fairfield Restaurants I Recommended to People as a University Tour Ambassador
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Fairfield Restaurants I Recommended to People as a University Tour Ambassador

One of my favorite things about the town of Fairfield is the food! There are SOOOO many restaurants to choose from.

Fairfield Restaurants I Recommended to People as a University Tour Ambassador

Plan B Burgers

MY FAVORITE! It has the absolute best burgers I have ever had. Any time I had a guest visiting me this is where I brought them. I am basically a vegetarian now and it's still my favorite place. It has great service too!

Colony Grill

I am from NYC and I should hate CT pizza, but I can't help but love Colony. They solely serve thin crust pizza and it is to die for. Its personal pies are just big enough to share, but usually I eat the whole thing by myself.

Old Post Tavern

This place is a tradition for me and my parents. We used to go every single time they visited (until we discovered Plan B Burgers). It is a little bit more upscale but you can still wear jeans or leggings. It is pretty much American cuisine and never fails to impress.

Firehouse Deli

Firehouse sandwiches are phenomenal. I often recommended this place to families who needed to hit the road right after their tour. It is quick and easy but definitely fills you up and leaves you happy.

Mecha Noodle Bar

Mecha Noodle Bar is an Asian style restaurant with a variety of Asian style foods but is especially known for their noodles. Super delicious.


Molto is a little bit fancier but has amazing Italian food. It has a big gourmet pizza selection. Molto also has a very large wine bar for those who are 21 or older.


Centro is another Italian restaurant that is not quite as upscale as Molto. It has a deli counter where you can pick up Italian food but most people dine in. Last year it had heating lamps outside in the fall so you could enjoy the beautiful town of Fairfield as the leaves changed colors while staying warm.


This is not a dine in location but is still great. Pokemoto is a make your own poke bowl place that leaves you with enough for two meals for the price of one. It is my absolute favorite poke bowl place and its fish is always super fresh.

There are so many to choose from but those are my favorites!

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