For about the past two years, there has been an increase in anti-immigration rhetoric in the media. It doesn't help when our own president gives speeches on the topic throwing "facts" out there that have never been corroborated. I decided to give you 5 facts on the topics most people have no clue on when it comes to immigration. All these facts have links to find more information on them!

1. Immigrants pay taxes

The media loves to report that immigrants don't pay taxes, but according to The Bipartisan Policy Center, undocumented immigrants find ways to legally pay taxes. They do this in hopes that one day if they become citizens, there will be no problems with the process.

2. Undocumented immigrant students DO NOT receive federal financial aid

Do not be confused, students with no documents can NOT receive financial aid from the federal government. They CAN receive money from private scholarships and some states that may have laws to help these students. But not every state has something in place to help undocumented immigrants get a higher education.

3. Undocumented immigrants do not receive social security benefits

Some estimates claim up to $12 billion dollars are contributed to the Social Security fund by immigrants but they are not eligible to receive any of the benefits.

4. Immigrants do not steal jobs

According to the ACLU, immigrants do not steal jobs. In fact, many immigrants make their own businesses where they hire Americans to work at. Not to mention that most jobs that immigrants are working are the hard jobs no American wants to do.

5. Immigrants do not bring more crime to our communities

Studies show that on average immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans. Even though some may commit a crime, there is no connection between crime rising because of immigrants coming into the United States.

Now that you know the facts, don't be like president Trump, who speaks about things he barely has any knowledge about.