The Facial Expressions Of Cersei Lannister

The Facial Expressions Of Cersei Lannister

Cersei Lannister is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on "Game of Thrones."


Cersei Lannister is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on "Game of Thrones," just because she’s so interesting (and insane). Since she’s such an important character, she’s had plenty of screen time. Therefore, she has made lots of fun facial expressions for us. Here are some of the best.

Queen Cersei of the Active B*tch Face

Cersei is quite possibly the biggest b*tch on Game of Thrones, and she's not afraid who knows it. She has not only a resting bitch face, but also a very active one. How else could she command so many important people?

The Cersei Side Eye

This is a look of complete and utter disdain from Queen Cersei, and it's absolutely relateable. Who hasn't felt the need to give this look before? Too bad we can't all look this pretty while doing it...

The Calm Dismissal

Cersei is not afraid to be rude when she needs to, and this is one of those times. I wish I could be this blunt sometimes....

Cersei Smiling

Honestly, this may be more terrifying than anything else. Cersei only smiles when something very directly benefited her (or when the smile is fake, as it may be here), and usually anything that helps her is really bad for everyone else.

The Look of Disapproval

When Cersei is mad, you know it, and she is definitely not happy here. Whoever she disagrees with in this moment (and all moments like it) should watch out.

The Calculating Queen

One of Cersei's biggest strengths is figuring out the people around her and manipulating situations to fit her agenda. She even did that this week when she (SPOILER) convinced the Tyrells to back her in taking down the High Sparrow. This look of thoughtfulness, even though slightly troubled, means she's working on something.

“I’m nodding my head, but I don’t agree with you.”

Cersei never necessarily hides her thoughts, but she is good at making people think she's going along with what they say, even if she completely disagrees.... When that's what she wants them to think. Other times she has no trouble saying exactly what's on her mind.

The Queen of Poo

As much as we all hate Cersei, we couldn’t help but feel bad for her in this moment. Who wouldn’t? She did bring it upon herself, but this punishment is truly awful.

The Pretend Understanding

Cersei is really good at pretending to be fully in someone’s confidence while actively plotting against them. Luckily, Margaery isn’t fooled.

Cersei’s Heartbreak

Cersei might be cold, but she truly cares for her children. This moment, when she realizes that she lost Myrcella, would have been heartbreaking for the queen, especially since it's the second time she's had to go through this. Game of Thrones is brilliant for throwing moments like these, because it reminds us that Cersei actually is human, even though she sometimes seems to be anything but.

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