Over the past few years, I've seen a trend of people my age and younger deleting their Facebook profiles and moving over to using Twitter and/or Instagram exclusively.

Every once in a while someone will make a funny sarcastic comment when they see me scrolling through Facebook on my phone but that's not going to make me stop.

I was in eighth grade when my dad went on his last deployment and decided to keep my Facebook account active so that I could communicate with him easily throughout my everyday life.

At that point, I didn't have a phone that I could use Facebook on, but I'd post via my laptop and every now and then he'd be able to see my photos and check in with me without having to call me on the phone (although the calls were always awesome too — thank you, Skype!)

Fast forward six years and I'm a rising sophomore in college and living two hours away from my mom, dad, two younger siblings, and dogs. I see photos every day of my puppies laying in the sun and of my mom and dad hanging out in my backyard or at a new local restaurant, and every once in blue moon there is the rare occasion that my brother and sister allow themselves to be photographed.

Even if my Mom sent all of those photos straight to my phone, I'd still miss the pictures from my boyfriend's family members who live a few states away, as well as tons of videos of my cousins playing baseball and in dance classes, not to mention the awesome posts from my extended family about their most recent favorite recipe (and those super fun ones about their political ideologies), and on top of it all, without Facebook I would've missed one of my best friends from high school getting engaged to her sweetheart of four years!

Instagram and Twitter are both great, super fun forms of social media, but Facebook has a way of connecting me to generations before me and that of my own that the other two just don't possess. Facebook has been by my side for so many years, I'm not ever deleting it.