The Eyes: A Short Story

She was a beautiful creature, and in all her beauty was an undeniable aura of danger, making her all the more appealing. Everyone was intrigued with the mysterious girl who no one had heard utter a word in all her years living in the small town. All we knew of her was her name, and that she lived with her older sister since she moved here.

Stella Addams was as unique as her name. I had never seen someone wear pastel colors everyday of their life, and still give off an uneasy feeling when you were within ten feet of them. It was like she knew she made people uncomfortable, and she liked it. Her dark eyes contrasted with her porcelain skin and soft clothes, but matched her ambiguous aura. They were probably what made everyone uneasy; the whites of her eyes small in comparison to her large, completely black irises. She was like a character out of a book.

It was unknown to me how I was sitting next to her at the moment, our feet hanging over the edge of a small wall by a quiet river in the thick woods. She sat stiffly, but it looked natural on her, as if she were a statue. She hadn't spoken to a word as I asked her boldly to hang out with me when I had bumped into her at the college's coffee shop. She merely smiled and nodded, and again when I asked her to meet me at the same spot the following evening. When I arrived, Stella was already there, sitting with two coffees at a table outside the shop. Her bleak, black eyes seemingly sparkled as she handed me the coffee when I greeted her. She guided me along the walkway, where we silently strolled along until we found ourselves near the stream.

"Why don't you talk?" I spoke for the first time since I greeted her.

"I do."

Her voice sent shivers down my spine. No one had ever heard it. It was nothing like I imagined it to be, thick and raspy, echoing through my ears as if she were in my head.

"No one speaks to me. So I don't go out of my way to speak to anyone."

Stella still swung her legs, her mid-thigh length, pastel pink skirt fluttering around her legs. "You're the first person to ever speak to me as if you aren't afraid of me. Although I still sense your uneasiness," her soft chuckle and smirk surprised me.

"It's your eyes," I murmured.

"My eyes, Brennen?" My name leaving her mouth circled my head. "Do you know what my eyes can do?"

I furrowed my brows, "What do you mean? What can they do?"

Stella slowly picked her head up and looked at me blankly. "What do you feel?"

Her voice was different. Deeper, darker, almost menacing in a way. Shivers were sent down my back, goosebumps rising on my arms. I gulped as she smirked, both of us speaking the same word at the same time.


She blinked and I relaxed. I hadn't noticed how tense I had been.

It's almost as if she could control emotions.

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