The dreadful day has come, the day that you even put in your planner a week in advance that reads "night out with friends." I love going out, or even just getting lunch with a friend, don't get me wrong, but damn we all need a break sometimes. You wait by your phone in hopes of the friend canceling first so you don't seem like the loser in the situation.

Minutes soon turn into hours and you have to whip up that good excuse that seems believable to your friend you're about to cancel on.

1. My cat ran away and I have to spend the whole night looking for it.

2. I have Ebola and can't make it to the club.

3.  I accidentally shaved off both my eyebrows.

4. Someone robbed all of my clothes including what's on me.

5. I broke a nail and can't be seen like that.

6.  I suddenly am allergic to alcohol, weird?

7. I'm on house arrest and can't leave sorry.

8.  I actually forgot I made plans to eat with Jason Momoa.

9.  My dog ate my credit card and so I am left with no money.

10. Donald Trump said if I don't go out tonight he will resign.

11. My doctor told me that I need to stay in tonight for my health.

12. My mom said I can't hang with you tonight. I know I'm 22, but still, she's my mom and I have to listen.

13. My Amazon Alexa is holding me hostage and she said I can't leave.

14. I got a spray tan and ended up resembling a tangerine rather than Kim Kardashian.

15. Chrissy Teigen called me and needed a babysitter, so I knew I had to be there for her and John.

16. My dog is really going through it since his girlfriend dumped him, and I can tell he needs some emotional support tonight.

17. My fairy Godmother said I have to be back by midnight, and I just don't see that happening, so why even go out?

18. I'm cooking a turkey and it needs to be constantly monitored. Yes, I know Thanksgiving is over but I'm just craving turkey lol.

19.  I've been abducted by aliens, and they're actually pretty sweet, so I think I'm going stay here with them for the night.

20.  I'm taking my SAT tomorrow morning. Even though I already have taken it and got accepted into the college I wanted, I just wanted to see if I improved at all! I know, I'm just so random like that.

21. Actually, my boyfriend is taking me on a spontaneous trip to Jamaica! I'll send you a postcard though.


22. Hey dude, actually I'm really tired and Netflix just released a new "Black Mirror" series, so I think I'm going to stay in tonight. Love you, be safe and have fun!

I'm sure a lot of you are thinking that the last excuse is what you would probably send your friend in this situation, but hey, don't knock the other 21 excuses until you try em'.