To The Ex-Best Friend Who Became Just Another Snapchat Streak

Hey You,

It's been a while.

I know you probably don't think of me much anymore, and frankly, I don't think much of you either (except for our daily exchange of "streak" Snapchats). I know that we're at two different points in our lives at two different universities hundreds of miles away from one another and that we both now have new friends- we've moved on. I also know that not everything is meant to last forever, not even our friendship was an exception.

You should know that I'm not angry or upset with you. Our friendship was one of the best I've ever had, and I will forever be grateful to and for you. Unlike what most people in my position would do, if I could go back in time to the day we met, I wouldn't turn the other way to avoid meeting you. In fact, I wouldn't change any of it. I wouldn't take back any of the memories, late night drives, or heart to heart conversations we've had.

What I would do if I could go back time, though, is tell myself to really cherish the time I got to spend with you. If only I would have known how short-lived our friendship was going to be, I would have. Since time travel isn't possible, I guess I'm stuck in the present, now writing this to you (even though you'll probably never see this).

If we ever were to speak again, I know what the two words I would say to you would be- thank you. Thank you for the constant love, support, and advice you gave me throughout the course of our friendship. Thank you for the milkshake and waffle dates, singing (screaming, really) along to the radio with me, and never making me feel like I was your second choice, until the end, anyway.

Our friendship ended nearly as quickly as it started, and that really is a shame. I don't hate you, though, I never could. You'll always have a special place in my heart regardless of whether or not I have one in yours. Why be bitter over someone who once made me so happy?

I know you'll do great things in your life, and I will always love and support you from afar. Of course I miss you, even though there isn't really a point to. Why miss someone who doesn't miss me? Maybe you do, maybe you don't, but you don't care enough to reach out so I shouldn't either.

Regardless of what may have happened, I'm still here. I always will be here for you. Whether you need to call to vent about how your roommate doesn't want to get waffles with you every morning or to brag about the A you got on your Psychology paper- I'll be here to listen.

You'll always have a friend in me.

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