Evolving to Happiness
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Evolving to Happiness

In a world where everything changes, one thing remains consistent.

Evolving to Happiness

Today in class I learned that in the end we make decisions based off of our happiness. The choices we make, the food we eat, the places we go are all a process of happiness. Ultimately, whether it is directly or indirectly what we do all correlates with our happiness.

When one tries to make a decision what is it that they base their decision making process off of? What is it you base your decision making off of?

Now I am under the impression that the fundamentals of evolution are based off of our natural instinct to do what makes us happy. If all of our decision making is associated with the desire to be happy, then why would it not play a role in our evolution as a species? If you look at your daily decision making from trivial choices such as switching lanes in traffic, to important decisions like buying a new house. We do it because we believe that getting to our destination faster, or moving into this new house will make us happier. Otherwise, we would not switch lanes or move in the first place. Happiness is not constantly the first reason, however it is always at the end of the sequence of event. For example, you speed to go pick-up your co-worker from somewhere because you want to keep your word. You know that if you are on time your friend will be happy, or not mad depending on your relationship with your co-worker. You know that picking him up will make you look professional, which will reflect your good work ethic to your boss and company eventually if you can keep this up. Once you keep your professional work ethic going you will be a viable option for a promotion or raise. Which will help you provide for yourself and pay for the things you enjoy. This will make you happy and that is how happiness works within us. Sometimes we do things because we feel like we could be in danger, but do not let this fool you. Danger, happiness’s most worthy adversary, danger is something that takes away happiness, which we do not inherently like. This causes us to avoid dangerous situations, and if we face danger it is the thrill of escaping it that gives us happiness. We sleep in or go to the gym based off how we perceive our happiness levels will react to those choices. Listen, people I am not saying we always calculate the cause and effect of our actions correctly. Yet, at the moment of making a decision we convince ourselves that what we decide is in the best interest of our happiness.

Sacrifices are hard to explain because some may say that those actions are selfless, and could result in the person not being happier. Happiness is a very unique feeling that can be both created and destroyed out of things that do or do not necessarily benefit yourself. For example, when people make sacrifices for a co-worker, family member, or even a stranger they do it because it will give them a feeling of welling pride and joy inside of them for doing what they think is the right thing. That feeling results in happiness.

The life of a person can be so busy. It is so easy to overlook the most obvious of things. Yet, we have one underlying system that pushes us to be happy no matter what we do. Without this system evolution itself would not work because we would not do things that would motivate us as a species to do things that lead to our success. Success, a very vital part of motivation, is something we think is what is motivating people, but when one really looks deeper into this, their success (business, personal, social, academic, or whatever else) is what makes them happy. Then when it doesn’t that person will change what they do because they want to be happy. Happiness is an extremely powerful thing that will drive people to their limits in order to obtain just a glimpse of it. I think we often lose sight, or often never find what our true goals in life are. Such an obvious thing like happiness can become overlooked in the bustle of our everyday life, but let’s remember that just because we naturally try to be happy it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are. Let us try to remember this during the holiday season. Just like you and I, everyone else you will encounter is trying to be a happier person, and with that in mind we will all become a more evolved and involved community. Happy Holidays readers, and as Bobby McFerrin said, “Be happy.”


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