Everything Wrong With the Womens March

A feminist fights for the social political and economical equality of the sexes. This past week we have seen women marching all over the country in a fight for women. I, a feminist, refuse to take part in this fight for women. This was not a march for women's rights but it was simply a hateful march for the Republican party because they refuse the idea of pro- choice versus pro-life. It was the hateful march to our President Donald Trump from a comment that he had made years ago.

Madonna was probably the most hateful woman at the entire event that night. If you haven't heard her speech, take a listen

This woman blatantly says that she wants to "blow up the White House". If this were any other person, they would have been in serious trouble and would have been arrested for this threat. I know that this is not the type of woman that I want representing me as a woman as an entire nation of women. These women were fighting against Donald Trump as a man they were not fighting for our rights as women.

Fighting for women's rights is everything but important so do it the right way. Fight for our equal pay as man, fight for our right in the military, fight for our right in businesses/ the work place, fight for our rights to speak up against rape and sexual harassment. These are the things that should be fought for.

We are complaining about one man "ruining our lives and destroying America" while we are only doing the same.

I read a post on facebook that made me do a double take and realize what kind of disrespectful people we really are.

How much more do we really need? Why do we need to disrespect a man to fight?

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