So, I thought about writing this article after my sister asked me "what could possibly go wrong" when talking about her and my friends and their upcoming trip to come visit me for their spring break.

If you've been reading my articles for a while, you'll know that last year I wrote an article about all the things that could possibly go wrong during spring break. If you want you can read that here. (Not to be biased, but I really think it's some of my best work).

Anyway, it's a new year, which means new things can be added to the list of things that could go wrong during your spring break! Whether you have a staycation, or you take a trip with your pals, here are some things that you might encounter:

1. You can over-sleep

Now you might not think this is a problem, and sure it sounds totally fine, but when you have a flight to catch and people are counting on you to wake up this can be slightly problematic.

2. You could start a fight with a grown man

But like who wouldn't after his drunk-self tries to make you and your friend into the bad guys when he was really the one yelling and throwing drinks during your flight. #NotTodaySatan.

3. You can miss your flight

Nothing puts a damper on your spring break plans like having to figure out how much a new plane ticket is going to cost you after missing the one you were supposed to get on. RIP bank account.

Even though last years list was a bit more riveting, I mean you can't really top the second one on that list. No matter what your plans are for spring break this year make sure you have a plan if any of these things happen to you, or perhaps do your best to learn from my mistakes.