Even though your Spring Break should be filled with only fun adventure, things can still go wrong. Here are some things that could, and have happened during spring break.

1. Clog your Airbnb’s toilet

One minute you're just trying to take care of business and the next minute you're frantically trying to figure out how to shut the water off to keep the toilet from overflowing. All the while your friend sits on the couch in the living room doing nothing at all to help you. Of course, this incident was fully documented on snapchat. Be careful kids, you don't want to get stuck in this ~sh*tty~ situation anytime soon.

2. Pee yourself in a national forest

While on a long road trip you might not have that many bathroom break opportunities. However, if your friend tells you to go pee before setting out, no matter how much you don’t have to go, go anyway. If not you’ll find yourself in a desperate situation and with no other choice but to pop a squat in a forest. Pro tip: if you really need to pee outside, though, find flat land. Otherwise, you’ll loose your balance and you’ll get pee all over your light washed jeans. This is definitely not a good look and thoroughly embarrassing for everyone involved. Let me just tell you, Smokey the Bear has seen enough and he doesn’t need to see you pee all over your jeans.

3. Lose your sole at a beach

It’s all fun and games until you look down and realize both bottoms of your heeled boots are missing. Things are about to get incredibly loud while walking on any sort of solid ground.

4. Get food poisoning

One of the great things about vacation is being able to eat all the things, but if you're not used to eating copious amounts of cheese and carbs it might be an issue. If you find yourself with food poisoning get some Pepto-Bismol and just let it happening. It’s going to suck but you’ll be back on track in no time.

5. Get an infection from your piercing

This one goes out to one of my pals. Maybe you shouldn't have gotten your nipple pierced right before a music festival. I’m sure you didn’t want to spend your spring break with an IV trying to rid your body of toxins. Love yourself, respect yourself.

6. Lose something valuable

Jewelry is small, therefore easily misplaced. If you're like me, though, you typically don't take any of your jewelry off. Somehow I still managed to loose a ring that I had been consistently wearing for a very long time. I’d like to thank Chihuly Gardens and Glass in Seattle, Washington for letting me rummage through the flowers in your park in hopes of finding what I lost. The confrontation with a very concerned security officer would have been much more worth it if my ring had actually been found.

If any of these things happen and by some standards ruin your spring break, don't worry, life goes on. Either way, some laughs definitely can come out of these unfortunate events.