Everyone comes to college to purse a passion that they want to spend the rest of their lives doing. Who has the right to say that one major is more important than others? I know it's hard to look at communications major and then compare them to a Pre-Med, but think about it this way: doctors are here to work in hospitals, communications majors are the ones who provide you with the news and entertainment.

Each and every person goes into a major to provide some type of work to the world. If there weren't business majors, who would run companies? Who would be our accountants? Who would be nurses? Who would provide the news? Who would write for newspapers? Who would create the computers we all use? Or our phones? No one can judge someone for pursuing what they want to do.

This world only runs because of the people who are in it. Just because you can't understand why someone is deciding to major in something doesn't mean it's worthless. Each major is a major for a reason. Everyone that graduates from college is coming out with a degree that is going to help someone in some way shape or form. Each person who graduates is going into their major to help change the world. Everything they learn and everything they do is going to change the world they are working in.

Long story short, everyone is put onto this earth to do something amazing. College is just the beginning. Don't ever judge anyone for what they are trying to do. Just encourage them to do great things and just se where they end up.