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College is one of those unique places/times where people can easily access an insane amount of resources. These resources range from the collection of texts within the library to the availability of free health services and to the ability to spend a month to a few months within a foreign country through study abroad.

I understand that for some people(especially heavily introverted people like me) study abroad can be very intimidating, but the last thing you should do is let that fear rule you. Study abroad allows you to gain a glimpse of another country's culture and to gain a real grasp of the similarities and differences that span across borders.

Maybe this is just me ranting because I didn't get the chance to study abroad, but I do really feel that it is an incredibly important experience for everyone to have. I don't mean that everyone needs to do study abroad specifically, but I believe everyone should spend at least a month or two in another country. Even spending time in countries that we might think are similar culturally(like the UK and the US) would be a valuable experience since there are more differences than we think between every country.

And there is no better time to gain that experience than in college. Once college is over you will most likely get a job that involves staying in one place and you will probably begin to settle down somewhere. At most you would be able to visit another country, but living there for several months would be very difficult for most jobs. That is why I really think everyone should utilize this perfect opportunity. There really is no other time in most people's life that they will be able to experience another culture in the way study abroad lets us. So make use of it while you can!

Thank you all for reading and I hope this inspires someone to look at little more into study abroad!

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