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I am here to advise you on your journey through life. You may have been living a satisfactory existence, but I know just the thing to push that satisfactory right up to OUTSTANDING. You need to go inside, get in bed, turn on your computer, go to YouTube and search Lsquared4lyf. This is the YouTube channel of the two and only Lauren and Leslie... cue the beginning of Circus by Britney Spears.

In middle school, my fellow #Rayologist showed me the two people who would soon become my inspiration, my icons, my reason to be, you get the gist. Those people are Lauren and Leslie. Best friends. Two twenty-one year olds who have sleepovers every Sunday and spend their time making video spoofs. Seriously I am blown away by their genius.

Yes, that was years ago. And they have yet to make new videos in six years, but their brilliance lives on. And will for eternity. I watch their videos on the regular; and I hope that by the end of this article, you will to. Maybe if we all band together, we will get them to start it up again?!?! #BringBackLsquared4lyf

But let's journey back to a time where Lauren and Leslie were still in the game. A time where they made videos on the daily. Ahh, the greatest time to be alive...The first video I watched was their spoof of Miley Cyrus singing Fifteen with Taylor Swift at the Grammy's. I bought the farm about eighty-six times in those four minutes and twenty-two seconds alone. Lauren's performance as Miley Cyrus is out of this world. When she gets on the stool!!!! I kicked the bucket.

Please watch it now.

Believe it or not, that just sparked my interest... I went on to watch every single one of their videos and perished another million times. Their Vanessa Hudgens commercial, their "7 Things" spoof (I was so jealous of all the fans that got featured in the video.. my life would have been completed if I had been given the honor to participate, but alas...I am done for), their "Love the Way You Lie" spoof and every other video that they release.

Please watch them all now.

I cannot actually explain the depths of the love that I have for Lauren and Leslie. They are the coolest people alive. Who does not want to be someone who makes music videos to Disney Channel stars songs in their twenties??!?!? I surely don't know anyone who wouldn't... and I sincerely hope that is not just because I do not associate with people who wouldn't...

But no matter what... even if you, yourself, wouldn't want to make these videos please rejoice in the fact that there are people who do!!

Lauren and Leslie are inspirations for the world. Take notes.

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