To go without saying, a best friend is a mere comfort to the modern person. In college, making a best friend tends to mean that you've met someone who will be your best friend for a lifetime unlike the uncertainty of the people you know in high school. A college best friend is a whole different ballgame when you think about it.

Your best friend in college could be male or female unlike the societal norms of high school where "cliques" prioritize on guys and girls who happen to be alike. Gender binaries exist in college in my opinion, but they also don't when it comes to just being friends with people.

A college best friend might not be the one who you have dinner with everyday or even see everyday, but you still communicate in some way on a daily basis whether that's via texting, Snapchat, or sharing stupid funny videos with each other on Instagram.

My college best friend is someone who probably shares of love for my fave type of music and TV shows + movies. We just click in the best way possible. I'll find that we have the most strange things in common and that creates such a strong bond.

You'll most likely have a best friend who shares the same values as you. This person may be different than you in one way or another, yet you find that you share similarities in your personality. They just get you without you having to explain yourself.

My college best friend is someone who I never feel awkward around and I can confide in them with no topic being off limits. This person has come to my defense from some of the toxic people that everyone is bound to associate at with at some point in college. My best friend would literally kick someone's a** for me and I would the same, but s(he) is also very good at being the bigger person in a situation.

My college bestie always comforts me when I need it the most. This person doesn't let me be influenced by the behavior of others. We're not perfect and this person shares a mutual understanding with me about so many things in life. We have serious and comical discussions that just become more memories to add to down the road. Whether we gossip about the negative people we know for five minutes or have a lengthy convo about what we want to do with our lives, the connection just grows.

I've never had someone who I was able to relate so much on a spiritual, emotional, and mental level. I will forever be grateful to who I met through a chance encounter and now I spend practically 24/7 with this person in some form or another.

Everyone deserves the chance to experience a college bestie. Everyone needs a Thomas. Everyone needs a Callie. Everyone needs a college bestie. Whether it's one person or multiple people who are incredibly close, this person(s) will change your life for the better.