Most everything I see in social media lately is about how to achieve that perfect summer body. It makes no sense to me at all because every single person's body is a summer body. You don't need to be stick thin to wear a swimsuit, and you don't need to have the perfect body. We are human and all these posts on social media are doing is giving women and girls an unrealistic standard of how their body is supposed to look.

Social media is more prevalent today than it ever has been. That is why it is important to realize that most influencers on social media do not look as perfect in real life as they do online. This is leading to people having an unrealistic idea of how women are supposed to look.

In reality, it really doesn't matter how you look if you want to wear something wear it, even if it is against what social media says. People need to realize that if someone feels confident in something to let them just be; there is no need to make them feel bad or shame them for how they look. It is important to reinforce this because younger girls are starting to see themselves as not pretty because of everything they see on social media and the standard of beauty that is enforced online. When I was younger, I remember just having a good time without worrying about how I looked and I feel that a huge part of this is because I did not have access to social media. Now young girls have to worry about if they are skinny enough and if they have that 'summer body' and the answer is that they do because everyone has the summer body. If you feel comfortable with how you look and how you dress than do not let people dictate how you dress and look just because of what they see online. Be confident because everyone is beautiful no matter what other people might say.