Acne sucks and anyone who has it will agree. It's something you have to learn to live with, but there's comfort in knowing there are other people experiencing the same struggles. Here's a few:

1. Just the Idea of Sweating With Makeup On Makes Me Cringe.

Going to gym. Being outside when it’s hot. Stress sweating. All of these are the ABSOLUTE worst.

2. Getting Ready for Bed = a 25 Minute Process.

Removing all evidence of makeup, washing your face, applying creams and retinoid products, moisturizing and all face maintenance routines are TIMELY.

3. Packing A Separate Bag Just Of Skin Products For Sleepovers.

Unlike all my other friends who could just fall asleep without taking their makeup off, I always needed to hit the bathroom and get to work on my face before bed. One day off was enough to send my skin into pimple heaven.

4. Dermatologist Appointment.

No offense but…. Did you really need to go to school to become a dermatologist just to look at me for 5 minutes and then tell me I need Epiduo.

5. Boyfriend, Do Not Touch My Face.

Don’t touch my face, don’t touch my face, DON’T TOUCH MY FACE. Lord only knows where your hands have been and that romantic face-hold thing that appears in movies during kissing scenes could cost me a WEEK OF BLEMISHES.

6. Period Week.

If you look at my face at the right time of the month, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

7. Hello Benzoyl Peroxide, Goodbye Nice Things.

Benzoyl Peroxide is evil and innocent all at the same time. Though it does a pretty damn good job at clearing up your acne, anyone who has used a product containing Benzoyl Peroxide knows it will bleach everything and anything it touches. I’ve ruined clothes, towels, sheets, pillows, and rugs from not thoroughly washing Benzoyl Peroxide products off my face and I’ll have you know my mom was not very happy about this. Luckily, Target, the best store ever, sells Benzoyl Peroxide resistant sheets.