Everyday Life As Told By Animal Gifs

1. When you just don't want to deal with the living

2. That 3 o'clock yawn (aka the forever yawn)

3. When your roommate knows a secret and they open their mouth to say something

4. The waiting time after sending a message to your crush

5. Bonding with the roomies

6. Watching rom-coms by yourself because you're single af

7. Trying to look busy when your boss comes around

8. Showing off your sick dance moves off at the club

9. When you can't stay awake any longer

10. When your mom tells you that you've been a good boy

11. Enjoying a cold one with the good boys

12. Just "cat"-ching up on some light reading

13. When you gotta feed your sibling because mom told you to

14. Sucking up to your siblings after a fight

15. When you're the only one laughing at your own jokes

16. Waking up from a nap and not knowing where you are

17. Walking down them would take too much effort

18. "How you doin'?"

19. You aren't making more than one trip

20. Finding clothes on the sale racks

21. When someone tells you they hate pugs

22. #ShortPeopleProblems

23. Going for a walk with your bestie

24. When your parents call

25. Congrats! You finished this article.

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