Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
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Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

Reasons why I identify with being a cat.

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

Despite what Buzzfeed and Playbuzz say, I think that if I were to be an animal, I’d be a cat. As much as I would like to think that I would be something more exotic or majestic, a cat seems to fit best.

1. Cats are lazy

Who doesn’t like the idea of laying around the house and stretching out in patches of sunlight? They spend the day napping in different places, completely content with doing nothing. This is me to a T. Don’t get me wrong, occasionally I’m too restless for laying around and being cooped up in the house. But most of the time, I’m totally okay with curling up on the couch and just being.

2. Cats are oblivious

They’re either oblivious or they don’t care. Think about it, they go wherever they want and do whatever they want regardless of what their owners are doing. Need to do homework? Guaranteed they’ll end up sitting on top of your notebook. Want to sleep? Your face begins to look like the most comfortable position for them to sit on. Whether they do it out of love, or sheer obliviousness, they seem to always be in the way. Ask any of my friends, or spend at least 30 minutes with me, and you’ll see that this applies to me heavily. I’m oblivious in the sense that I seem to be in my own world a lot. I don’t always pay attention to what’s going on around me.

When I come back down from the clouds, I end up in someone’s way. Or, I purposely do something that will inconvenience someone else. If I’m bored and want attention, I’ll inconveniently distract someone. Sometimes that involves talking at them so they can’t concentrate, other times I lay across their lap so they have no choice but to pay attention. What can I say, I can be needy like a cat.

3. Cats are temperamental

Felines choose when they want your affections and when they don’t. They’re not always the friendliest of pets to strangers, nor are they always welcoming to the people that love and adore them. If they want your affection, they’ll purr or rub against your leg. If they receive unwanted affection they’ll hiss, maybe swat at your hand with their claws, or run away. They like it their way only.

I am also temperamental. Sometimes I’m all smiles and happiness when people come to see me or talk to me. Other times, I decide I don’t want human interaction. My face will say leave me alone as will my body language. It’s nothing personal, it’s just a ‘me’ thing. I can’t help that I like things my way. That’s not to say that cats aren’t agreeable. You learn to know your cat’s moods and when they’re affectionate or not. It just comes with an adjustment period.

Maybe the reason why I’m more of a dog person than a cat person is that I’m too much like a cat to want to spend time with another cat. Either way, cats as a whole are great, and I’m not just saying that because I’m basically part cat. Neither one of us, me or cats, need to be taken for walks. We’re easily entertained, whether that be with yarn or other inanimate objects. We just need food and water, and we’re good. Besides, “Everybody Wants to be a Cat.”

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