Every Month Of 2017, Recapped By Incredibly Bad*ss Women- & POC-Led Movies

Every Month Of 2017, Recapped By Incredibly Bad*ss Women- & POC-Led Movies

Who run the world? Underrepresented groups in the film world, that's who! Sorry, Beyonce.

As 2017 draws to a close and we look back to what this year gave us, we might find ourselves a bit disappointed in some (okay, most) regards. Be it from political transitions, natural disasters, or just plain social drama, 2017 has served us chaos on a silver platter. It truly wasn't all a disappointment, though: from the Women's March to the Silence Breakers, this year has shown us our capacity and potential to make real change in our lives for the better. Nothing could depict the silver lining to an otherwise questionable year than some of 2017's best films.

Here's a breakdown of movies released in each month of 2017, all of which lead by amazing women and POC actors.

January: Hidden Figures

Major Events: The Women's March on Washington, Hollyweed, Muslim Travel Ban

The year started out with a bang when pranksters tampered with the famous Hollywood sign to make it appear to say "Hollyweed" on January 1st. Maybe we should've taken the sign prank as a signal for how the rest of the year would go, but, ya know, the US has never really been too great at reading between the lines. This month also marked the end of the Obama administration and the introduction of the Trump administration, whose inauguration was protested most notably in Washington DC by the Women's March. The demonstration, as characterized by empowerment and a push for visibility as it was, along with Trump's first major act as President with the Muslim ban, is the perfect complement to "Hidden Figures," whose depiction of the amazing accomplishments of the black women of NASA in the sixties and their fight for recognition of their talents is an emotional must-see.

February: Get Out

Major Events: Trump overturns directive on transgender rights to use toilets, the Moonlight/La La Land mix-up at the Oscars

February gave us the masterpiece that is Jordan Peele's "Get Out." The film goes about discussing themes of racism and more through a unique, well-thought, and thrilling storyline. These ideas are reflected in some of the month's major events, such as Trump's repeal of the directive that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender they identified with. Shutting down and taking away freedoms of minorities such as this is aptly discussed in Peele's ground-breaking film, making it the perfect representation of the month.

March: Beauty and the Beast

Major Events: South Korea overthrows and arrests its president, Disney refuses to cut the "gay moment" from Beauty and the Beast for Malaysia and pulls the film from there instead, federal judges block Trump's second Muslim ban

In March, Disney released its live-action remake of its classic "Beauty and the Beast." The film, while following very closely to the original, intersperses some feminist themes into the story, causing quite an upset, much like the upsets caused when South Korea removed their president from office, or when federal judges in the US used their power to block Trump's second attempt at his Muslim ban.

April: Gifted

Major Events: Controversial Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner, Missile strike ordered on Syria, Fox News lets go of Bill O'Reilly after sexual harassment allegations

"Gifted" was released on April 7th, and tells the story of an extremely talented little girl and the custody battle over her between her uncle and grandmother. The film features strong women and girls of varying ages and backgrounds, and does a stellar job of playing with the ideas of family and what it means to defy stereotypes in a heartwarming and thoughtful way. The tenderness of the film provides a stark contrast to April's events, such as the violent missile attacks ordered by Trump on Syria.

May: Everything, Everything

Major Events: MTV hosts the first awards show with gender-neutral categories, attack on Ariana Grande's concert in London, Trump meets the Pope

May opened with a strong statement from MTV, whose Movie & TV awards became the first award show to feature gender neutral categories. This breakaway from tradition is similar to "Everything, Everything," the YA novel-turned-movie whose stories centers around a girl whose illness keeps her locked inside her own home and the next door neighbor that she falls in love with. The film features an interracial novel, something far too underrepresented in entertainment, especially in things directed towards adolescents, like "Everything, Everything."

June: Wonder Woman

Major Events: "Wonder Woman "is the first superhero film to be directed by a woman, Trump announces US withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement, "Dear Evan Hansen" wins the Tony for Best Musical

With the start of summer, June brought some pretty impressive milestones in the entertainment industry: "Wonder Woman "became the first superhero movie released that was directed by a female director. The film itself shows the kickass Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, whose badassery is spurned by the pure desire for justice, unlike the tragic backstories that most strong female characters are often given. Her desire for a better and peaceful world was, unfortunately, contrasted by Trump's June 1st announcement that the US would oppose the Paris Climate agreement that would combat climate change. While he claimed it would hurt our economy, we'd need Wonder Woman's lasso of truth to get a real explanation for why we're the only country to have rejected the agreement.

July: Atomic Blonde

Major Events: BBC announces the first ever female Doctor on "Doctor Who," Justin Bieber is barred from performing in China, Trump announces policy (on Twitter, very official) to ban Transgender people from joining the military

Following suit with "Wonder Woman "in June, July brought us another amazing female character not motivated by a tragic past with "Atomic Blonde. "Charlize Theron plays an assassin whose antics will both impress and amaze. It is a refreshing sight to see an older woman be a strong protagonist whose might will leave the audience in awe. Speaking of new representations of women, BBC announced this month that the next Doctor in "Doctor Who", who has always been played by a man, would be played by a woman. Go BBC for that step in the equality direction, but boo to Trump, who once again revoked rights from transgenders when he announced in a tweet that transgender people would not be allowed to join the military.

August: The Glass Castle

Major events: Disney announces plans for its own streaming service, a giant inflatable chicken that resembled Trump was placed outside of the White House as a form of protest, White supremacists march on Charlottesville, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma devastate Texas, Florida, and Georgia

With the events in Charlottesville and two hurricanes leaving parts of the US devastated, August proved to be somewhat tumultuous, much like the family in the emotionally-charged "The Glass Castle. "For a light-hearted aspect of an otherwise dark month (and film), an inflatable chicken that resembled Trump was set-up outside the White House in protest. When it comes to making a statement, those who set up the inflatable sure didn't "chicken "out, am I right?

September: It

Major events: Trump announces plan to end DACA, Hurricane Maria devastates Puerto Rico and leaves entire country without power, Lebron James calls Trump a "bum" in a tweet

As the latter part of the year progressed, it brought with it "It, "an amazingly-made remake of the classic horror film about a child-devouring crown. The movie made a big splash, from showing the awesome talent of the cast of mostly children to causing some people to be attracted to a murderous clown. In terms of terrorization, August had its fair share of that outside of "It: "another hurricane left Puerto Rico suffering and without power, and Trump announced a plan to end DACA which protected children of illegal immigrants brought to the US at a young age.

October: Happy Death Day

Major Events: The New York Times publishes investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, sparking the beginning of the "Me too" movement

October brought the spookiness with "Happy Death Day, "which tells the story of a woman who has to relive the day of her death repeatedly until she solves her own murder. A woman-focused movie is an apt representation for October, for the month contained the release of the sexual harassment investigation into Harvey Weinstein, an entertainment bigwig, which then sparked a whole lot more. The "me too" movement had its beginning, where people were encouraged to post "me too" on social media if they had ever been a victim of sexual harassment. The show of solidarity was further supplemented by various sexual harassment allegations coming to light against many prominent men in positions of power, both in and out of the entertainment industry. Similar to "Happy Death Day, "the cycle appeared to repeat itself.

November: Lady Bird

Major Events: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement, Matt Lauer is fired from NBC, Australia legalizes gay marriage

Spilling over from October, the trend of sexual harassment claims continued in a big way, with events such as Matt Lauer's sudden firing from NBC. Changes continued to occur on a more positive note with Australia's decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Female empowerment ran no only through November's days, and "Lady Bird "continued the theme with a moving and interesting story about the bond between a mother and her fiercely opinionated daughter.

December: Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Major Events: Times Magazine names their "Person of the Year" as "the Silence Breakers," Trump announces US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, wildfires near LA shut down a major highway, the Federal Communications Commission votes to end net neutrality

2017 did not disappoint when it came to finishing out on a wild note. Along with Trump defying precedent with recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, wildfires in California stirring up a lot of trouble near LA, and the FCC voting to end net neutrality, the latest installment of the beloved "Star Wars" saga broke away from the norm with its content. The film, while well-loved and hailed by most, was much like 2017 in its entirety: starting with a bit of madness, getting all tangled up in the middle, and ending in a big ol' mess. Rey is still a badass, though, so we can forgive it.

Cover Image Credit: johnboyega / Instagram

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It's only in our Darkness, that we see ourselves shine.

Those who fear the darkness have no idea what they can do.

When I look back... on the life I’ve had... I can honestly say, "I have lived"...
Rage has rocked my very core, Love has touched my soul, I’ve been lost and I’ve been found.
Faced my fear, and cried till dawn. I’ve rushed on the passion of life.
Both given and taken of life. Listened to the preaching’s of all, while looking for mine...
I’ve cried at the voices only heard in the silence... felt shivers in my soul while looking into the abyss.
Hung my head low, and held it high... I’ve run, and I’ve fought countless meaniless battles, of heart, flesh and soul.
I’ve frolicked in the mist with my demons, and felt the touch of angels.
I’ve spent years in prisons of mind and men. I’ve played the many hands life has had to offer...
It was never about win or lose; it was how I played the hand...
My dreams are all the same... to walk alone in the nightmares and smile...
Not all my lessons were learnt in the darkness, and the light... not always true.
My scars, tell not stories of my life, or the battles fought, but whisper my fears...
Though... I long for the for the love only my soul can feel, to float in a dream above my sorrow.
Some days there is no difference between what’s real and what’s not, and I don’t judge or care...
My soul is old, beneath my flesh. My mind a child. My heart just an echo in the tunnels of time...
All I really know... is my darkness, the kindest friend I’ve ever known...
Now I sit and ponder... do I want to go another round...?
How many more songs have I got left to sing ... and who cares to hear what I have to say.
When tears roll down my cheeks, it’s only the darkness weeping, that I might go.
I am no fool, a joker, a sinner, never a saint.
But I will take this time to heal my battered soul.
To prepare for battle, one more fight...
Not for victory or glory... vanity was never my flaw...
But I think... just to befriend the light as I did my darkness...
For the light has always been cold, twisted, filled with lies and deceit.
For without knowing the light, one can never truly know the darkness. 


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20 Disney Channel Original Movies That You HAD To See As Soon As It Came Out

You know you still have a soft spot for #11.

My friends and I were having a movie night and like many other movie nights before we couldn't decide on what we should watch. We scrolled through Netflix for what seemed like forever until I remembered that I had some Disney Channel Original Movies through an app my Dad set up. This opened up a whole new ball game because we all grew up watching these movies. I got to the app and started looking at all of them.

My friends and I were reminiscing about the movies we had seen when we were younger.

To people that may not know, a Disney Channel Original Movie (or DCOM for short), is a movie that was aired on Disney Channel and was not ever in a theater. Here is a list of the top DCOMs.

1. "Double Teamed" (2002)

Who doesn't love twin girl athletes originally wanting to do different things but both ending up playing basketball?

2. "Right On Track" (2003)

A sister movie where they are trying to be better than each other at racing. There's nothing wrong with some sibling competition is there?

3. "Quints" (2000)

After this movie, I was definitely glad I didn't have any younger siblings, especially not five.

4. "Cadet Kelly" (2002)

Cadet Kelly wanted me to join a military school; however, I know I definitely wouldn't have survived.

5. "Pixel Perfect" (2004)

Making a robot girl that is practically perfect? Yes, please! This movie also inspired me to want to learn how to do a one-handed cartwheel, which I did.

6. "The Cheetah Girls" (2003)

Every young girl and her friends would sing along to these songs and pretend to be them. And let's be real, the other two weren't as amazing as the first, especially after Raven, left.

7. "The Zenon Trilogy" (1999, 2001 & 2004)

Who didn't want to live in space after watching these movies?

8. "You Wish!" (2003)

I definitely know I wanted to wish on a lucky coin that I didn't have any siblings, but after this movie, I'm very glad I never did in case it actually came true.

9. "Starstruck" (2010)

It's every girl's dream to fall in love with a dreamy poster, and the song "Something About the Sunshine" is so catchy, and I have it on a Spotify playlist and have no regrets about jamming to it in the car.

10. "Twitches/Twitches Too" (2005 & 2007)

I definitely wanted a twin that was also a witch after watches these movies.

11. "High School Musical 1 and 2" (2006 & 2007)

These don't need explaining. If you haven't seen them or at least heard about them, then you probably live under a rock. I just wish high school was really like this. Also, "High School Musical 3" was also amazing but did not make the list because it was technically not a DCOM since it was released in theaters.

12. "Lemonade Mouth" (2011)

This one is pretty new, but it made me want to get detention to potentially meet my future bandmates even though I have no musical abilities.

13. "Gotta Kick It Up!" (2002)

If this movie didn't have you shouting "Si se Puede!" then you didn't appreciate it enough.

14. "Get A Clue" (2002)

This made me want to be a spy more than I already wanted to be one as a child. Solving crimes with your best friends sounded like a very great time.

15. "Smart House" (1999)

Winning a house that could talk to you and listen to what you told it? Seems like a dream come true, until the house gets a little too attached.

16. "Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off" (2003)

Baseball or cooking? Waiting to see what Eddie chose was a nail-biter.

17. "Camp Rock 1 & 2" (2008 & 2010)

A movie with songs that made you get up and dance and want to go to summer camp.

18. "Descendants 1 & 2" (2015 & 2017)

These movies are really new so, not many people that are over the age of 10 have heard of them, but I thoroughly enjoyed them. They have really catchy songs even if they are pretty cheesy.

19. "Jump In!" (2007)

Who doesn't love Corbin Bleu jumping rope?

20. "Stuck In The Suburbs" (2004)

Another movie where a teenager gets befriends a dreamy pop star. Come on why couldn't that happen in real life? I'd totally be down to be best friends with Justin Bieber. DCOMs will always have a special place in my heart.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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