Every Janet Jackson B-Side and Bonus Track, Ranked
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Every Janet Jackson B-Side and Bonus Track, Ranked

While we wait for her upcoming Lifetime documentary, let's rank every Janet Jackson B-side and bonus track!

Every Janet Jackson B-Side and Bonus Track, Ranked

In addition to being an icon who inspires many, Janet Jackson is a true artist. Jackson has poured her heart and soul into her songs. Since 1986's "Control," her albums have told the story of where she is in her life at that time. In fact, some of her biggest gems are songs that don’t make it on the final album.

Some of these tracks have been released as B-sides and some have been bonus tracks for other countries. It’s important to note that most of these albums were released in an era before digital and streaming. So, in anticipation for her upcoming Lifetime documentary, here’s our ranking of every Janet Jackson B-side and bonus track!

18. "French Blue"

This dance mix is a mashup of "Pretty Boy" and "Fast Girls," two songs from Jackson's sophomore album, "Dream Street." It was released as a B-side to the "Fast Girls" single. It's a reminder of Jackson's bubblegum beginnings, before she developed an artistic identity of her own.

17. "Rock 'N' Roll"

Released as a B-side to the "Don't Stand Another Chance" single, this track was one of the stronger cuts that was unfortunately left off "Dream Street."

16. "Love U 4 Life"

Jackson's "Unbreakable" album was a major artistic comeback after a quiet period of laying low. However, this was one of the weaker cuts from the album. It was released as a bonus track for Japan and Target stores.

15. "Let Me Know"

This electronic cut was the Japanese bonus track for Jackson's tenth studio album, "Discipline." While the song isn't a stand-out by Jackson's standards, it's much better than the majority of what ended up on the album.

14. "Start Anew"

Unfortunately, this Japanese bonus track was left off the standard track list of the "Control" album. It should've replaced the weaker deep cut "He Doesn't Know I'm Alive."

13. "Who"

This funky track was yet another bonus track for Japan, this time for the "All For You" album. This is one of those gems that leaves fans wondering why it was left off the standard edition.

12. "70's Love Groove"

While it's understandable that this song didn't belong on the standard version of the "janet." album, it works perfectly as a B-side. This song initially appeared on the "You Want This" single and later on Jackson's second remix album. It even made an appearance on the "Ready To Wear" soundtrack.

11. "Promise Of You"

This song appears in a shortened form on "Unbreakable" as an interlude. The full song, as it appears here, is included as a bonus track on the Japanese and Target versions of the album. With its introspective and thought-provoking lyrics, this track showcases a highlight in Jackson's songwriting.

10. "I'm Here"

This romantic track was made available as a bonus track on Japanese editions of the "Damita Jo" album. It was also featured exclusively on the BET website during the release week of the album.

9. "Roll Witchu"

This mellow, R&B groove showed what a gem the "20 Y.O." album could've been. Having only been released in Japan, this track proved to be a lot better than the overproduced songs on the standard edition.

8. "Days Go By"

As with "Roll Witchu," this track was only included on Japanese editions of the "20 Y.O." album. The R&B ballad is yet another track that would've served the standard album better than its overproduced cuts.

7. "Put Your Hands On"

This was released as a Japanese bonus track on "Damita Jo" and as a B-side to the "All Nite (Don't Stop)" single. While it's a catchy, sensual groove, it sounds too similar to "SloLove," a deep cut on the album's standard edition. Hence why it might've been left out.

6. "You Need Me"

Following the release of her breakthrough album, "Control," Jackson's record label wanted her to continue the formula on her next album. An idea was also presented to capitalize on her family and the controversy surrounding them. This was one of the songs Jackson recorded during that time, before switching to a socially conscious theme for her "Rhythm Nation" album. The song talks about Jackson's difficult relationship with her father. It was later released as a B-side to the “Miss You Much” single.

5. "The Skin Game"

This song was yet another track from Jackson's “Rhythm Nation” album. However, instead of making the album, it was released as a B-side to the “Come Back To Me” single. While many interpret the song’s title to be about sex, Jackson has said the track is actually about racism. Jackson later performed the song during several dates on her "State of the World Tour."

4. "One More Chance"

Jackson has often spoke about her close relationship with her brother Randy. Being the two youngest, they had a special relationship. He wrote this song for the Jackson’s 1984 “Victory” album. Janet later recorded her own version of the song and released it as a B-side to the “If” single.

3. "Accept Me"

This soft R&B groove was written for Jackson’s 1997 masterpiece, “The Velvet Rope.” While the song didn’t make the album, it was released as a B-side on the “Every Time” single. The song talks about needing to be accepted and feeling insecure in a relationship.

2. "And On And On"

Released in 1994 as a B-side to the “Any Time, Any Place” single, this track became a radio hit at the time. The song was so popular that Jackson added it to the set list of the “Janet World Tour.” It later appeared on Jackson's second remix album the following year.

1. "God's Stepchild"

In what might be her most personal song, Jackson details her childhood insecurity. The song’s lyrics go into great detail and made for a fitting addition to the Japan edition of “The Velvet Rope.” The album was Jackson’s most personal, written and recorded during a period of depression. It does end on an optimistic note, though, and stands as one of Jackson’s most important songs. It also appeared on the "Down in the Delta" soundtrack.

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