Yes, while it's awesome to have your girl squad because you have people to get ready with, pick out outfits with, shop and cry with...It's also super awesome to have a guy squad. Therefore here are several reasons why every girl needs to have a guy squad.

1. If you ask them, "hey do these pants make my butt look nice?" They will ALWAYS look and give you their 110% honest opinion

2. They will teach you the proper way to shotgun a beer before the frat party

Shotgunning Beer

3. If you're hungry and want Chipotle, one of your dudes will go 


Because what man doesn't want to indulge on a 5lb burrito?

4. They're there when you need a shoulder to cry on 

Patrick Crying

There's something sweet about receiving a comforting hug from your guy bestie.

5. They will roast you 24/7 but it's okay because you can roast them back and they won't get offended 

Spongebob gif

6. They will do pretty much anything with you 


7. They give you the best advice on men because, well, they are men 

Dowton Abbey gif

8. You can have family dinners with both of your squads 


9. Whenever you're all hanging out it's always fun and there's never a dull moment 

Spongebob gif

10. You can be yourself around them and they won't judge you because they just burped in your face two seconds ago 

Spongebob gif

11. You might have to listen to Migos 24/7 but you'll end up loving them because of that 


12. They're goofy and will gladly join in on car jam sessions when the time has approached 

Taylor Swift dancing gif


Drama gif

14. You can be their wing man and they can be yours 

Wingman gif

15. They ask for outfit advice because they know you're the better stylist 

Fashion gif

16. They are your best friends, partner in crime and love you just as much as you love them 

Celebrating gif

I love all my girls just as much as the next but having a guy squad is one of the biggest blessings. They always got your back and keep it 110% with you and will always pick on you but it's because they love you.