Every Body Deserves An Amazing Swimsuit
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Every Body Deserves An Amazing Swimsuit

Summer is coming, and we will sizzle along with it.

Every Body Deserves An Amazing Swimsuit

For a long time, I dreaded going out and shopping for swimwear. I have always loved being in the water and summertime outdoor activities, but the fitting room experience was always kind of a drag. I would always point out the parts of my body that needed work and silently scold the mirror for being unkind. Really, it was me who was not being kind to myself. An incredibly wise statement I read somewhere online and took to heart was: “How to get a bikini body: put a bikini on your body”. Frankly, I have never been society’s definition of thin, and I am at my heaviest right now as we speak. I was a physically smaller person when I was having such struggles in the dressing room. I can say now that I have learned that there will be haters everywhere I go. I have been reduced to a shape and weight rather than a person by strangers in public while wearing my normal clothes. But I have learned what I like and what works for me, and I have recently started to actually enjoy trying on bathing suits. I have a belief that every woman of every size deserves to feel her very best in a swimsuit- and that feeling is a powerful thing.

Here are some of my favorite places for ladies who represent a diverse range of body types to score cute, affordable swimwear (granted, some more affordable than others depending on your budget, but nothing over $100):

1. Target:

With literally tons of options to choose from in store and online, Target (or Tar-jay, however fancy you may be feeling at the moment ) stays true to the frugality and taste of its brand lovers everywhere with its swimsuit collection. They've got something cute for everyone from size 0 to 26W.

2. Forever 21:

Available in sizes XS-3X, all the options at Forever 21 are super affordable, with youthful, urban, and hipster styles, with lots of bright prints and bold solids to choose from.

3. Torrid:

Torrid's swimwear options are a little on the pricier side, but really hold up well through wear. They've got a bunch of cute one and two piece suits for plus size women in their stores and on their website, available in size 10-28.

4. American Eagle/Aerie:

Along with American Eagle's lingerie/swim brand Aerie's recent ad campaign featuring models with more diverse body types has come an expansion in their sizes. I love the beachy boho style of their swimwear, and they've got some great online sales going on right now. Their stuff is available in sizes XS-XXL.

5. Swimsuits for All:

Exclusively available online in sizes 8-34, Swimsuits for All's selection is seemingly infinite. Everything on the site is very reasonably priced. One of my favorite Swimsuits for All collections is Swim Sexy's catalog of fun, brightly colored suits designed by Gabi Fresh.

6. ModCloth:

Another one of the more pricey options, but everything is so retro and adorable and needs to get in my closet immediately. Available in sizes XS-4X.

I wanted to share these sites that I like with women who may be holding back like I was not too long ago when it comes to swimsuit shopping. Skinny, fat, or in between, we all deserve to experience the confidence boost of wearing a great new bathing suit in the summer time. We should be able to give ourselves that positivity in whatever capacity each of us finds the most comfortable.

P.S- Here’s a girl-power laced throwback jam to enjoy to while you rock your new suit, drink your favorite tropical beverage, and ooze untouchable fabulousness. Enjoy!

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