Most people would be lying if they said they have never enjoyed a show like Law and Order or Criminal Minds. These shows are the modern take of mysteries, which the viewer must try to put together as they watch such a program, alongside the characters. This provides the satisfaction of "aha" moments, which is a great mental achievement. A new source of such epiphanies has seen growing popularity around the world: escape rooms.

The first escape room was developed in Japan in 2007, and was based on video game puzzles of a similar nature. The idea soon spread to North and South America, Europe, and New Zealand. These rooms - filled with a series of puzzles, combinations, and other forms of trickery - challenge the players to (hopefully you saw this coming) escape the room. Seems easy enough, right? Just add the anxiety of a time limit, and you'll be surprised how much your brain seems to shut down.

Why are they such a great idea, anyway? Well, like I said earlier, who doesn't like a good puzzle? This physical interpretation immerses you in a situation that requires you to solve problems, or else suffer the consequences. These situations often have a theme, such as prison, deep space, or a haunted house. Therefore, there will always be a different challenge if you want to try another room. Despite the physical concept, there is little physical demand, which means individuals of all shapes, sizes, and ages can participate, unlike games such as laser tag.

The next time you and your friends are looking for a good time, look no further than an escape room. Here is a full list of escape rooms around the world. Somehow they manage to have you trying to get out, only to have you wanting to go back for more!